On August 14, the California Attorney General announced that the CCPA Regulations had been officially approved by the Office of Administrative Law. The Attorney General also noted that the Final Regulations would immediately go into effect.   

These Final Regulations included several revisions to the submitted version, such as:  

  • Removal of provision that required businesses to get explicit consent to use a consumer’s personal information for a materially different purpose from those stated in the notice of collection  
  • Removal of provision that required businesses that substantially interact with consumers offline to provide an offline notice method  
  • Removal of references to the abbreviated “Do Not Sell My Info” link  
  • Removal of minimum standard requirements surrounding opt-outs, such as the requirements for ease of use and minimal steps  
  • Removal of the ability to deny a request from an authorized agent if they do not submit proof that they are authorized to act on a consumer’s behalf  

Non-substantive changes include language surrounding minors; instead of using the terms “children” and “minor,” the Final Regulations uses the terms “consumers under 13” and “consumers under 16.”     

While the CCPA Final Regulations have been approved, there are still changes to look out for in the future, such as the CPRA.  

To learn more about the Final CCPA Regulations and what they mean for your organization, register for the webinar: What the Final CCPA Regulations Mean for Your Business on September 1 at 1:00 pm ET, 10:00 am PT.