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Data Mapping Automation

Accelerate risk identification and mitigation

Data volumes have more than doubled in the past five years, with more unstructured data than ever before. Understand your data and reduce risk by automating your data mapping process.  

  • Identify the personal data held and used across your organization
  • Understand the regulations the data is subject to, and the requirements for data protection
  • Maintain evergreen inventories of assets, processes, and vendors for records of processing (ROPA)

Unified data, simplified compliance 

A real-time, comprehensive view of your organization’s data processing paired with an always-available ROPA simplifies compliance and builds trust.  

Gain full visibility of your organization’s data usage 

Seamlessly connect and discover all your data systems utilizing flexible intake methods including hundreds of pre-built connectors, expert-crafted questionnaires, and bulk import tools.

Graphic showing how OneTrust's Data Mapping Automation can be connected to many popular platforms.

Uncover personal data held in unexpected systems and flag risks for remediation. Build long-term defensibility into your privacy program with out-of-the-box data classification informed by the world’s largest database of regulatory research.

Data record showing a found risk, its metadata, and its residual risk level.

An evergreen data map serves as the foundation of your privacy programs. Our data mapping solution is designed to help you accurately classify personal data so you can respond to incidents and subject rights requests more efficiently.

A graphic illustrating a privacy request workflow that shows how where a requester's identity was verified, a check was made for a litigation hold, the requester's data was deleted, and an update with a comment from the administrator.

August 21, 2024

Transforming your data privacy and AI strategy with OneTrust

Join us for a live demo where we will discuss the advanced capabilities of OneTrust solutions in data privacy enforcement, first-party data collection, and AI innovation.

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Customer testimonial

There’s almost no processing that occurs in this company without personal data, so each of these modules have been critical in restructuring our program for GDPR compliance.
Frank Winner, Group Data Protection Officer, Alpiq Group
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We support your compliance journey 

Having an always available, always up-to-date ROPA prepares you to demonstrate compliance with many regulations.  


Demonstrate data use and accuracy for GDPR compliance.

US Privacy

Meet the data protection requirements of the growing number of US privacy laws.

Global Privacy Laws

Document internal data flows and transfers to third parties for compliance with global privacy laws.

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