OneTrust policy and notice management: Tackling CCPA disclosure and GDPR policy challenges

August 13, 2019


The GDPR and CCPA have specific requirements about privacy policies and disclosures – for instance the CCPA requires you disclose categories of personal information collected and purposes of processing before collection – plus those polices need to be updated every 12 months.

Add this to the existing GDPR and other state- and country-specific privacy policy requirements, the fact that you may have notices and disclosures linked to hundreds of websites and applications, different legal basis of collection, and multiple languages — and you have some major challenges from understanding where your policies live, to making sure they meet regulatory requirements and are kept up to date.

That’s where OneTrust Policy and Notice Management comes into play. This is the first solution to give companies a central dashboard to manage, monitor, edit, update and audit all policies and notices on digital properties across multiple languages.

Register for the webinar: Policy and Disclosure Management: Getting Ready for the CCPA on September 3rd at 11:00am ET

Responsible collection and use of personal data are on the forefront for both companies and consumers. OneTrust Policy and Notice Management sets legal, privacy, and marketing teams up for success by allowing users to manage, monitor and audit all policies and notices from a single dashboard, helping with GDPR and CCPA compliance

With OneTrust Policy and Notice Management, your teams can:

  • Scan your web and digital platforms to identify where policies and disclosures exist across publicly-facing sites and behind login pages
  • Upload and host into OneTrust to centrally manage your policies and integrate and use role-based access to only give access to update these polices to the right people or teams within your company.
  • Build policies with responsive designs and languages that your organization needs
  • Integrate and publish privacy policies with content management systems, via tag managers and built-into mobile SDKs.
  • Publish polices across digital channels with minimal development work
  • Central manage and monitor policies with built-in access controls and granular version history

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