Ethics Program Management

Streamline compliance and drive ethics to the center of your business

Engage employees and elevate your brand reputation by influencing employee behavior to align with your core values and mission.

  • Illustrate your ethical standards with an interactive code of ethics and professional conduct
  • Deploy interactive training to nurture a culture of ethical behavior 
  • Reduce risk through disclosure management 

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Ethics program management starts with your employees 

Ethical culture and accountability doesn’t start with a 50-page PDF. The best way to influence employee alignment to your organization’s values, and prevent ethical issues, is by creating an interactive, immersive code of conduct.  

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Policy proliferation is a big risk factor for many organizations. Streamline your approach to policy administration by authoring, storing, updating, and communicating your policies and procedures from a single platform.

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Foster change management and raise employee awareness with interactive, best-in-class content. Leverage reporting to customize your courses over time to meet compliance program and employee engagement goals. 

Interface where a manager can set up a ethics education program by course type, language, and subject.

Separate disclosure management from traditional case management to empower employees to report potential conflicts of interest while allowing you to effectively manage disclosures. Automated workflows and reporting systems equip you with a visual of key trends and risk areas.

Explore Ethics Program Management modules 

Ethics Policy Management

Transform your policy management initiatives to deliver real change and awareness for stakeholders.

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Ethics Training

Communicate your business ethics expectations to instill confidence and prevent unethical behavior.

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Disclosure Management

Reduce risk with conflict of interest (COI) disclosure management software.

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Interactive Code of Conduct

Make an impact with a digital-first code of conduct.

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Ethics Exchange: Third-party applications and ephemeral apps

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Having an integrated solution at DISH has been amazing in terms of ease of use, [and] having a centralized place to find all of the things that we need.
AK Miller, HR Compliance Manager, DISH
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Ethical culture building starts with your program management initiatives. While every industry, region, and organization warrant unique training, policies, and codes of conduct, we support you by providing pre-built templates that can be customized to your program and policy authoring workflows to best suit your needs.

Ethics training completion rates, code of conduct and policy engagement, and reductions in ethical dilemmas over time are all great ways to track program success. You can also report on compliance with regulatory requirements most relevant to your organization.

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