Highly Effective Ethics and Compliance Training

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Engage Employees

Support employees in their journey toward ethics and compliance accountability with interactive courses on topics like GDPR training, code of conduct, or anti-bribery training all from one location.

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Customize Training for Your Audience

Consolidate training, risks, policies, cases, and disclosures with automated campaigns to eliminate redundancy, employee fatigue, and training gaps. Customize your courses to meet specific program goals and requirements.

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Easily Update Courses

Course content is designed to be easily updated. You can incorporate first- or third-party compliance content deployed through OneTrust or integrated with your existing learning management system (LMS).

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Gain Insights Through Reporting

Access real-time training and policy statuses by employee, department, or region or view holistic activity. Provide employees with actionable performance reports.

Build Trust through Your Ethics Training Program

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Build a Learning Culture with Streamlined Compliance Training

Delivering the right training to the right audience at exactly the right time is critical in evolving employee understanding with the changing regulatory environment. When ethics and compliance training is delivered once a year, independently of other initiatives, it is not as impactful as it could be. Give your employees the tools they need to learn and retain the information through interactive, bite-sized courses. When you do, you will have an effective, ongoing program that exceeds certification or training requirements and builds trust in your organization.

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Customize Your Training Program Curriculum

An open platform means you can choose and deploy the best ethics and compliance training for your organization. Whether you need training content by law, industry, or custom topic, our platform enables you to curate the best from your own proprietary sources or from specialized third-party providers. We even provide standardized pre-built templates created by in-house industry experts and lawyers around the world in case you wish to create a net new program within the platform. Available in 27 languages, you can ensure employees can learn in a familiar language.

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Communicate Ethics Training Program Effectiveness

Use automated reporting to visualize and share employee progress made against the ethics training and compliance goals of your organization. Reporting may be paired with your ethics and compliance portal to boost year-round employee engagement or used on its own to communicate program performance to stakeholders.

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