Support Proactive Compliance with an Interactive Employee Code of Conduct

Caution Icon for Manage Risk Card

Manage Risk

Identify, characterize, and mitigate risk associated with global regulations, including the EU Whistleblower Directive.

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Increase Employee Engagement

Apply behavioral science to empower employees to know your Code of Conduct and make ethical decisions in their day-to-day work.

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Be Prepared

Don’t fall behind — protect and elevate your brand by exceeding industry standards and stakeholder expectations.


Transforming a Policy Library to an Ethics & Compliance Showcase

Understanding the culture and understanding who it is that you’re speaking to really does drive then the content of your messaging and the channel by which you are delivering those messages.

Andrew McBride, CCO

Build a Best-in-Class Code of Conduct

Ethics and Compliance Showcase Example

Create a Highly Interactive Experience

Eliminate the stagnant print or 50-page PDF document that your employees won’t read. Use modern digital marketing techniques and behavioral science to ensure employees consume your Code of Conduct and are influenced by your program. Drive higher engagement with an experience that makes employees active participants in your Ethics and Compliance program.

Ethics and Compliance Program Product Example

Increase Adoption with Targeted Outreach

Bring the right employee groups to the right information. With campaigns, your message resonates and is relevant to the targeted audience. Current, relevant content updates paired with timely and targeted campaigns drive employee adoption and repeat visits to your Code of Conduct.

Ethics and Compliance Program Analytics Dashboard

Leverage Analytics to Improve Your Message

Rich reporting and analytics help you to identify what information and messaging is engaging your employees, and what isn’t working. Useful dashboards make it easy to monitor your program and understand where engagement is lacking, so you can take proactive steps in mitigating potential unethical or illegal actions.

Get Started with Interactive Code of Conduct

See how you can make your employee code of conduct more effective and engaging.

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