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Interactive Code of Conduct

Improve the effectiveness of your employee code of conduct

Protect and elevate your organization by exceeding industry standards and stakeholders’ ethical expectations.  

  • Identify, characterize, and mitigate risk associated with global regulations 
  • Simplify deployment using code of conduct examples and templates 
  • Increase employee engagement by creating a digital-first code of conduct 

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Uphold company policies and create a culture of ethical conduct

Drive higher engagement with an employee code of conduct experience that encourages active participation rather than passive consumption of a static 50-page PDF of your employee handbook. 

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Bring the right employee groups to the right information at the right time with campaigns that reinforce your company values and drive repeat visits to your code of ethics. 

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Rich reporting and analytics dashboards help you identify what information is engaging your employees, and what isn’t, so you can take steps in mitigating potential conflicts of interest or illegal activities. 

Image showing a graphic of direct and referral engagement source types and how site sessions are trending

September 12, 2024

From reactive to proactive: Transforming your ethics & compliance program

Join this webinar to hear experts explore actionable strategies employed by Ethics & Compliance programs to drive a more ethical culture.

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Demonstrate ethical business conduct

Our Ethics and Compliance Cloud supports you in complying with applicable global regulations and building a culture of trust. 


Mitigate risks associated with the EU Whistleblower Protective Directive and reinforce compliance with your employee code of conduct. 


Improve employee engagement with your code of conduct to support SOX compliance. 

DOJ Guidance

Publish your compliance content in a searchable format and track access to understand what is attracting attention from employees. 

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