Simplify the Supplier Lifecycle

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Automate Supplier Onboarding

Simplify supplier onboarding by enabling your stakeholders to indicate any new suppliers.

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Streamline Assessments

Conduct supplier assessments using workflows that streamline the capture of metrics critical to your organization.

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Flag and Mitigate ESG Risks

Customize your risk scoring methodology and build automated workflows to identify and mitigate supplier risks.

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Continuously Monitor

Set targets and monitor your supplier performance through the course of your relationship.

Enforce Supply Chain Sustainability

Third-Party Partners and Suppliers Example

Set and Track Supplier Sustainability Targets

Define key sustainability metrics and use real-time tracking with tailored assessments to view supplier performance against the targets. Automate follow-ups to hold your suppliers accountable and collaborate with suppliers within the platform to ensure data quality.

Vendor Risk Assessment Questionnaire Example

Mitigate ESG Risks and Identify Opportunities

Automatically calculate risks based on defined targets and leverage managed workflows to achieve supplier sustainability targets. Audit actions taken for disclosures reporting.

Vendor Supplier Performance Risk Dashboard Example

Compare Supplier ESG Scorecards & Report on Sustainability

Use pre-built reports to help inform decisions on supplier relationships and determine the best sourcing option for your organization. Evaluate and compare your suppliers to benchmark performance.

Get Started with Supplier Due Diligence

Learn how to apply ESG to third-party management to increase customer trust.

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