IT & Security Risk Management

Leverage OneTrust GRC’s IT risk management and security framework to identify, measure and respond to threats, both internally and across your extended enterprise. With a complete asset and process register, combined with an integrated configuration management database (CMDB), OneTrust provides access to a robust and configurable threat, vulnerability control library with agile workflow functionality.

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Identify and Respond to Threats, both Internally and Across Your Extended Enterprise.

Connect Your Digital Enterprise

Streamline data collection across touchpoints and integrate data across systems to provide up-to-date access and reporting

Design & Apply Risk Methodology

Structure your risk values with custom matrix and measure business practices with controls mapped to leading regulatory frameworks

Tailor & Track Remediation

Execute tasks across collaborative workflow management and deliver summary reporting and dashboard analytics to leadership

Monitor & Report on Performance

Utilize continuous control monitoring to feed your reporting efforts on risk activity, produce visualize risk activity in near real-time

Streamline Data Collection and Set a Foundation to Model and Visualize your Risk Performance

  • Locate specific information or realize the extent of your digital enterprise using OneTrust’s centralized inventory of data flows, IT assets, and business processes.
  • Collect new information with automated assessment technology built to map data to related entities in the OneTrust platform
  • Maintain an accurate and up-to-date CMDB with a suite of asset scanning tools to update records based on live connections and cross-platform syncing
  • Visualize how data flows across business processing activities and IT assets with data lineage mapping

Integrate Data Sources Across Systems and IT Initiatives to Eliminate Redundancies and Synchronize Data

  • Connect systems to evaluate risk across your extended enterprise
  • Accelerate data connectivity with over 300 pre-configured connectors in our integration marketplace
  • Share data with your enterprises solutions using OneTrust’s open API
  • Push and pull data across systems or use connections to trigger action in linked applications

Implement Controls to Evaluate Risk in the Context of Your Business

  • Measure control maturity and effectiveness through self-assessments
  • Map controls to a single framework or create variable relationships across multiple policies
  • Choose from OneTrust’s out-of-the-box control library or create new controls as needed to effectively measure your business practices

Quantify Risk and Apply a Scoring Methodology of Your Choice

  • Auto-flag risk and assign default risk scores to items
  • Measure motivation as well as capability with threat and vulnerability library
  • Document exposure and flag vulnerabilities throughout your threat library
  • Assess both quantitative and qualitative measures of risk aligned to your business objectives

Track Business Practices Against Regulations and Corporate Policy Framework to Ensure Compliance

  • Choose from leading policy and compliance frameworks such as ISO, NIST, SOC 2, FedRAMP, or a hybrid approach to model and measure your business practices
  • Track and maintain updates to leading standards with OneTrust DataGuidance, our regulatory intelligence platform
  • Access control libraries licensed from leading compliance frameworks, or create your own custom mapped controls

Enable Cross-Functional Collaboration with First Line Friendly Interface and Workflow Functionality

  • Streamline risk management and remediation efforts with integrated task management
  • Accelerate first-line response with OneTrust themes, pre-configured workflows based on industry and role
  • Provide guided next steps and documentation for risk processing, exception management and more

Monitor Your Risk Activity and Performance Across Reporting Efforts

  • Highlight Key Risk Indicators (KRI’s) to track and address areas of potential exposure
  • Benchmark your aggregated risk score to review performance through remediation efforts and over time with a risk history timeline
  • Prioritize remediation efforts with a heat-map report view, grouping risk items by their risk value or score
  • Customize dashboards or use pre-built risk dashboards to showcase your risk appetite and the health of your IT risk management program
  • Report and query data with a powerful reporting engine to deliver findings in the format of your choice (.pdf, column and more)

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