Data Discovery trifecta: Retention, access, and minimization

Governing and de-risking your organization’s data should be top priority 

Sam Curcuruto
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, OneTrust
May 26, 2023

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Managing and governing data is a hot topic among most enterprises today. But with the explosion of data growth has come a lot of questions. 

What data do we have? 

Where does it live? 

How do we manage who has access to it? 

How long can we or should we keep it?

OneTrust Data Discovery helps enterprise data, privacy, and security teams answer these questions.


What data do we have? Where does it live?

The complex nature of businesses today makes it challenging to understand the scope and risk that operations may present at any given time. Automation is essential to keeping pace with the sprawl of data and maturing IT and data asset management to ensure that data is properly stored, tagged, accessed and up to date so you can de-risk sensitive data.

OneTrust Data Discovery enables you to discover, control and use data responsibly. With embedded regulatory intelligence, consent synchronization, and integrations with privacy and GRC program management, it’s the most comprehensive and robust solution for reducing data risk. 

Check out this recorded webinar focused on de-risking data with visibility and classification to learn how Data Discovery helps information security teams gain visibility into risky data and prioritize investments into the most impactful controls to minimize the organization’s sensitive data footprint.


Who has access to our data?

One of the biggest challenges stemming from the modern explosion of data is insider access. Inappropriate access may arise for a variety of reasons; employees change departments, data may be stored out of place, or shared externally without proper protections such as masking or encryption.

To help address these risks and ensure access to sensitive data is only available via controlled means, Data Discovery enables a scalable approach to access governance with insights and context to help uncover at-risk data and prioritize remediation.

We recently recorded a webinar discussing data access governance and mitigating the risk that comes with overly-permissive access.


How long should we keep data? What do we do with it afterwards?

Increased data means increased attack surface. With so much data flowing across business systems, communication tools, and devices, balancing retention and minimization requirements can be overwhelming. And much of that data becomes redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT) over time. Managing ROT data with a good retention strategy helps satisfy retention requirements (and there are plenty!) but also reduce data sprawl and breach risk.

OneTrust Data Discovery enables you to reduce your sensitive data footprint and meet retention and storage limitation requirements. With intelligent data discovery and classification, embedded global retention schedules, and data policy orchestration, it’s the most comprehensive and robust solution for orchestrating data retention.

Check out this webinar which details how OneTrust helps information security teams implement their data retention and deletion strategy and gain control over their ROT data.

OneTrust not only helps you discover and classify your data but also provides the full platform to help privacy, security, and data governance teams operationalize all their data governance processes.

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