How to Build a Data Governance Practice

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Are you looking to build a data governance framework that not only protects your organization’s data assets, but also enhances user experience, efficiency, and program sustainability?   


In this report, Forrester provides a comprehensive guide to constructing a data governance framework that not only minimizes risk, but also enables frictionless security controls. From defining roles and responsibilities to establishing policies and procedures, this report covers all the essential elements you need to consider along with common challenges that arise when building a data governance framework and offer practical solutions for overcoming them. Learn from real-world examples and best practices from organizations that have implemented data governance frameworks.  


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance user experience and efficiency while protecting your organization’s data assets. Get your copy of Building a Data Governance Framework today and take the first step towards building a strong, secure data governance system that enables seamless security controls for their users.  


Key takeaways: 

  • Learn the key components of a successful data governance framework, how to implement them in your organization, and establish a common language across disciplines 
  • Common challenges when building a data governance framework and practical solutions for overcoming them 
  • Real-world examples and best practices from successfully implemented data governance frameworks

Forrester Trends Report, How to Build a Data Governance Practice, Q1 2022, Forrester Research, Inc., Feb 8, 2022

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