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OneTrust Data Discovery has mass coverage with 200 pre-built connectors, and an open SDK for custom data sources

Sam Curcuruto
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Data Discovery
June 8, 2023

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While data steadily expands at a rapid pace, security, privacy, and data governance professionals continue to struggle to keep visibility of what and where data is stored in their organization. Adding to their struggle is the growing (almost daily) regulatory pressure to control and protect sensitive data in a way that ensures individual privacy and responsible use.


Data security only goes as far as your solutions reach

OneTrust Data Discovery provides the foundation for any data governance and data security program and has pre-built connectors and documentation to support virtually any data source you’d like to scan, catalog, and control. This makes it easy to implement in any organization and ensures that your teams have visibility into the data systems that matter most to your business.

Our most popular connectors for Data Discovery span structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data stores, including:

  • Big data: Amazon Redshift, Databricks, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Teradata
  • SaaS applications: Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Slack, Workday, Zendesk
  • Messaging and email: Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Hubspot
  • Structured databases: Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP Hana
  • Unstructured file shares: Amazon S3, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, SMB

Through OneTrust’s advanced discovery engine, we scan and catalog data from these sources, looking at everything from fields and tables in databases, to text and writing in PDFs and images (JPG, PNG, GIF) with OCR capabilities, to the contents of documents, spreadsheets, and source code.


Connect to on-prem and cloud sources  

Data governance and security tools need to work how your organization works. This often requires the ability to scan, classify, inventory, and control data across different types of data stores and infrastructure. Data Discovery is built to scan on-prem data, cloud data, SaaS data, no matter where it lives. This provides the centralized visibility into your data security posture needed to make risk-informed decisions.

Check out this webinar which details how OneTrust helps information security teams implement their data retention and deletion strategy and gain control over their ROT data.

OneTrust not only helps you discover and classify your data but also provides the full platform to help privacy, security, and data governance teams operationalize all their data governance processes.

Learn more about Data Discovery with this glossary.  

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