Embracing responsible AI: Presenting OneTrust AI Governance

Explore how OneTrust AI Governance addresses the growing challenges of AI governance, ensuring visibility, lifecycle management, and risk mitigation in an ever-evolving landscape

Riyaz Habibbhai, Senior Vice President Product Marketing
September 18, 2023

Overcoming AI governance challenges 

As AI continues its remarkable journey into diverse industries, it presents incredible opportunities for innovation and transformation. However, alongside these prospects, organizations face a unique set of challenges when it comes to governing AI technologies responsibly. 

With the rapid expansion of AI usage predicted to grow by more than 25% each year for the next five years, organizations must scale their AI governance to meet various R&D needs. Staying ahead in the AI landscape demands upskilling organizations to support a competitive AI governance program, which involves building the capacity to make responsible decisions while effectively leveraging AI's potential. According to the IAPP, 20% of the most mature organizations have already embraced responsible AI practices, while 50% are building their AI governance on top of mature privacy programs. Additionally, as vendors and third parties boast AI capabilities, organizations must assess and mitigate risks associated with these partnerships. Ensuring compliance with impending regulations, such as the EU AI Act, is crucial for mitigating potential legal and ethical challenges. With over 25 drafted or active AI laws across the globe, organizations need robust AI governance strategies to navigate the complex landscape of AI regulations. 


Champion responsible AI adoption with OneTrust AI Governance 

In the midst of emerging challenges, AI represents a bright and promising horizon for technology. Our OneTrust AI Governance solution is here to support organizations in harnessing the full potential of AI, ensuring they do so responsibly and confidently. 


Understand where AI technology is being used across your business  

As AI adoption expands, businesses need to enact proactive AI governance to drive responsible use of data across the organization. Enable visibility and transparency in adopting and governing AI use throughout the organization so you can manage AI systems and mitigate risk.  

  • Maintain up-to-date inventory of AI projects, models, and datasets that leverage AI & ML technology. ​ 
  • Integrate with MLOps tools to auto detect AI models and sync with a centralized inventory. ​ 
  • Build relationships between models, datasets, and projects and vendors and processing activities to understand processes involving AI and perform privacy risk assessments. 


Govern the AI development lifecycle ensuring responsible use

As business stakeholders begin to embrace AI, enterprises require AI governance that breaks down data siloes by providing more visibility across the business and ensures smooth oversight. Scale AI Governance with lightweight intake assessments and surface potential risk for AI systems throughout the AI lifecycle. 

  • Evaluate AI use cases, surface risks and govern every phase of AI development, including ideation, experimentation, production, and archive. 
  • Capture context and surface potential risk for AI projects at the beginning of the project lifecycle.​ 
  • Track distinct AI initiatives and relevant information including intended purposes, business stakeholders, and establish relationships with models and data sets. 


Mitigate AI Risk by fair and transparent usage 

AI introduces complex risks across your organization, from known risks across privacy and GRC to more nascent risks such as model drift, fairness, and transparency. Assess AI against your business’s established responsible use policies as well as global laws and frameworks to ensure effective oversight. 

  • Assess AI against global laws and frameworks such as NIST AI RMF, OECD Framework for the Classification of AI Systems, EU AI Act, UK ICO, and ALTAI. 
  • Auto-assign risk levels for bias, fairness, and transparency based on respondent input and escalate high-risk projects to the appropriate workstreams. 
  • Easily identify model risk level and understand the number of high-risk AI projects using dynamic dashboards and reports. 


Embrace responsible AI practices today 

OneTrust AI Governance empowers organizations to gain visibility and control over data used and risks generated by AI models. Compliance teams and data scientists can now ensure the responsible use of AI technologies, building trust and credibility with stakeholders and regulatory authorities alike. 


Learn more about OneTrust AI Governance today. 

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