Privacy Compliance in 2021 promises to bring a wealth of exciting changes and challenges! Numerous countries around the world are in the process of introducing or reforming their data protection laws, and an increasing focus on regulating digital services, and increased regulator activity more broadly is keeping data privacy and trust among organization’s top priorities. As part of our Data Privacy Day 2021 celebration, this blog will take a look at the current agenda for data privacy compliance in 2021 for different regions around the world. 


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Americas: Federal Privacy Reforms, LGPD Enforcement, and the CPRA

Across Latin America we are expecting to see numerous countries introduce bills reforming federal privacy legislation, including Paraguay, Ecuador, and Mexico. Brazil’s General Data Protection Law (LGPD) will come into effect on August 1, 2021, although the courts already have relevant powers and fines have been issued for LGPD violations. 

In the US, multiple states are set to reintroduce privacy regulations this year, and calls for a federal privacy law continue to grow stronger. The spotlight continues to shine on California, as the fourth set of CCPA regulations are expected to be finalized, and conversations around the recently passed CPRA are taking shape. 

EMEA: Schrems II, UK Adequacy, and Digital Privacy

International data transfers and cross-border compliance are still hot topics across Europe. The Schrems II decision, that invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield, continues to pose compliance challenges, with the release of the EDPB’s final guidance on international data transfers anticipated early this year. And discussions about UK adequacy are becoming more prominent with the end of the provisional continued flow of data between the EU and the UK. 

We also expect to see increased discussion around the regulation of digital platforms, as well as conversations around whistleblowing, cybersecurity, and ePrivacy, with growing publication of whitepapers, and guidance across the region. 

Register today: Regional Data Privacy Day events on January 28 

APAC: New and Amended Data Protection Laws, and Increased Financial Sector Regulation

On the agenda for 2021, we look forward to new and amended data protection laws coming into force across APAC and CIS regions, and in China the on-going reviews of the draft Personal Information Personal Law and draft Data Security Law are expected to be resolved this year. 

We also expect to see an increase in sector-specific regulation, including around commercial banking and payment services, as well as expanded legislation around digital identity systems and services. 

Privacy compliance in 2021 will continue to pose new challenges no matter where you are in the world, with changes in one jurisdiction impacting organizations on the other side of the world. As we continue to tackle new challenges and developments, join OneTrust in celebrating Data Privacy Day 2021 by registering for your OneTrust Data Privacy Day event to hear the latest discussion on privacy in the year ahead! Or join your local community chapter for some fun and games to put your privacy knowledge to the test. 

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