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OneTrust Enhances Data Policy Engine to Automate Policy Enforcement

Enterprises can automatically identify and remediate data security, privacy, and governance violations  

June 13, 2023

OneTrust, the market-defining leader for trust intelligence, announces enhancements to OneTrust’s data policy engine designed to identify data security, privacy, and governance violations and automatically set and enforce data policies across the entire data ecosystem. Coupled with powerful automation, OneTrust’s data discovery, classification, and governance solutions provide companies with the tools to adopt an effective data governance program and drive responsible data use.

“Security and privacy teams need to be able to quickly identify violations and remediate them to prevent data misuse, breaches, and loss,” said Blake Brannon, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at OneTrust. “With our enhanced data policy engine, organizations can easily understand how their data aligns with their policies, reduce risky data, and automatically remediate issues across their entire data ecosystem.”

Every organization has data privacy, security, and governance policies to protect and use their data responsibly. Yet, applying these policies in the digital realm can be complex as many security, privacy, and data management teams need multiple tools to implement them effectively. OneTrust consolidates these processes into a single platform that spans the entire data life cycle.

With the enhancements to the data policy engine included in OneTrust’s Data Discovery solution, it’s now easier to identify data security and privacy risks and remediate violations to the data policy. The data policy engine supports this in the following ways:

  • Continuous monitoring for policy violations: Data Discovery automatically classifies and inventories data and evaluates it against a company’s data policies. This determines, for example, whether data has been kept for longer than regulations require, if sensitive data exists in unsecured locations, if data is shared with open access, there is unencrypted data that should be encrypted, and more.
  • Automated application of remediation actions: Security, privacy, and IT teams can set and enforce data policies across their entire data ecosystem. OneTrust’s data policy engine automatically brings data into compliance with remediation actions like data deletion, restricting control, masking sensitive data in databases, and managing redundant, obsolete, and trivial data. Organizations can also customize pre-built policies based on regulatory intelligence or create their own.

OneTrust Data Discovery provides the foundation of visibility and control for any data, privacy, or security team. With AI-powered data classification, built-in regulatory intelligence, and automated policy enforcement, Data Discovery delivers the capabilities enterprises need to automate data security and governance. Coupled with category-defining consent, preference, and privacy management, OneTrust Data Discovery enables modern businesses to ensure responsible use of data throughout the entire data lifecycle.  

See OneTrust Data Discovery in action: Join OneTrust at InfoSecurity Europe from June 20-22 in London, UK, booth #M20

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