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OneTrust Launches CCPA Master Class Webinar Series to Help Organizations Implement the CCPA

Master your CCPA compliance program with dedicated expert courses on how to tackle CCPA’s most impactful requirements: Consumer Rights, “Do Not Sell”, Identity Verification and more

July 09, 2019

OneTrust today announced the OneTrust for CCPA Master Class Webinar Series, expert courses designed to help privacy professionals master the California Consumer Privacy Act and implement the law with confidence. Led by OneTrust privacy experts, the OneTrust for CCPA Master Class Webinar Series will dive deep into the cornerstone pieces of a technology-driven CCPA compliance program, including Consumer Rights, “Do Not Sell”, Identity Verification, Targeted Data Discovery, Data Mapping, Website Compliance and Vendor Management.

With less than six months until the CCPA’s Jan. 1, 2020 effective date, it’s critical privacy professionals build programs and processes today to meet compliance requirements. The OneTrust for CCPA Master Class Webinar Series will break down specific elements of the CCPA and dive deep into how privacy, security, and marketing professionals can implement the CCPA in practice. Practitioners can attend the full series to build a complete CCPA compliance program, or choose the right sessions to meet organizational requirements with confidence. These free, one-hour webinars dive deep into the following compliance requirements:

  • Consumer Rights: The CCPA introduces new consumer rights like the right to access and delete personal information, requiring organizations to maintain detailed ongoing records for compliance. Gain a deeper understanding about consumer rights for California residents under the CCPA and learn how to build end-to-end automated consumer rights workflows from intake to fulfillment.
  • Do Not Sell: Explore how to tackle the “Do Not Sell” obligation, which gives consumers the right to opt out of the sale of their personal information. Evaluate if your organization sells data under the CCPA and establish what systems and inventories need to be altered to be CCPA compliant. Learn how to tackle the “Do Not Sell” obligation from intake to completion and maintain records for compliance.
  • Identity Verification: Set up a secure and compliant process for establishing identity behind a consumer rights request to ensure you’re only processing inquiries from validated sources. Build processes that link identity verification to your back-end systems to help automate the consumer rights completion process.
  • Targeted Data Discovery: Learn how leverage targeted data discovery to automate the completion of consumer rights requests with custom integrations into consumer rights request forms and internal systems that house and sell personal data.
  • Data Mapping: Get a practical overview on how to centralize your data map for CCPA “look back” compliance, understand where your California consumer data flows to track specific pieces of personal information and auto-generate specific asset maps to directly address CCPA-specific requirements.
  • Website Compliance: Personal information under the CCPA is broadly defined, and includes internet or other electronic network activity information, unique identifiers, cookies and information regarding interaction with a website, application or advertisement. Get a step-by-step approach on how to make your website CCPA compliant, including understanding CCPA cookie and tracking requirements, policies, notices, and disclosures.
  • Vendor Management: Get an in-depth overview on how to assess vendors and navigate ‘Cure Periods’ for CCPA compliance. Learn how to automate communication with third-party vendors to meet California consumer access and deletion requests and keep inventory of vendor information to understand where to pass information down the workflow.

Register now: OneTrust for CCPA Master Class Webinar Series

“With less than six months until the CCPA, we knew our customers and the global privacy community needed a manageable action plan to meet the CCPA’s compliance requirements,” said Kabir Barday, OneTrust CEO and Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP). “The OneTrust for CCPA Master Class is specifically designed to give privacy, security, and marketing professionals the exact right technology and processes they need to build their CCPA programs. We are taking them sequentially from consumer rights to data mapping so they can build programs one step at a time from now until January 2020. Whether you’ve already begun or just getting started, we know these free webinars will be an invaluable resource for privacy and marketing pros building CCPA compliance programs.”

To learn more, register for expert sessions during the OneTrust for CCPA Master Class Webinar Series. For additional information, or to request a live OneTrust demo, visit or email


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