OneTrust today launched OneTrust Policy and Notice Management to centrally track, monitor and update privacy policies and disclosures across websites and mobile apps. OneTrust Policy and Notice Management helps companies comply with the GDPR’s privacy policy notice obligation and the CCPA’s disclosure requirement.

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Global privacy laws like the CCPA and GDPR have created challenges for organizations trying to manage internal and external privacy policies and disclosures throughout their digital channels. The complexity of updating and managing policies across the range of regulations, geographical regions, languages and digital platforms has become unscalable for legal, privacy and marketing teams. Companies need to be able to centrally manage their policies and disclosures across web and digital properties and keep these policies up to date to adhere to the range of global privacy regulations. Specifically, the CCPA requires:

  • Disclosure at Collection: categories of personal information collected and purpose of processing must be disclosed at or before collection.
  • Annual Updates: website disclosures and privacy policies must be updated at least once every 12 months.

OneTrust Policy and Notice Management is the first solution to give companies a central system to manage, monitor, edit, update and audit all policies and notices across all digital properties and in multiple languages. With OneTrust Policy and Notice Management, teams can:

  • Identify policies across all digital properties to update and maintain for consistency
  • Build policies with responsive designs and languages that fit for the organization
  • Publish policies across digital channels with minimal development work
  • Centrally manage policies with built-in access controls and granular version history

“Updated and easy to read privacy policies and disclosures give companies a chance to show consumers a commitment to the responsible use of personal data, as regulations are now requiring companies to provide and maintain these moving forward,” said Blake Brannon, OneTrust VP Product. “OneTrust Policy and Notice Management provides teams with a central system to collaborate, manage, monitor and update all policies and disclosures. Plus, teams can create a historical repository showing which version and language is displayed on each digital property and if any sites have been changed or are not showing the latest version. With an easy to use platform providing custom, image-rich notices and holistic insight into privacy policies across websites and apps, companies can continue to make privacy a competitive advantage and market differentiator.”

To learn more about OneTrust Policy and Notice Management register for our webinar on September 3rd. For additional information, or to request a live OneTrust Privacy Management Software demo, visit or email [email protected].