How OneTrust CMDB tools can provide a technology solution to your business process challenge

Software and CMDB tools can store and organize your CMDB data, but they do little to alleviate the challenge of keeping information up-to-date. Three key components you should look for in selecting what system should own and maintain your CMDB are organization, automation, and integration.

Supporting your data with the right organizational structure

CMDB tools are a valuable company asset to enhance your company productivity. You can easily access data and speed up your time to execute tasks at hand. One step is simply getting the data in an easily accessible, dynamic format. There are several software providers today who offer this functionality out of the box. There are two categories of technology that many software applications struggle to implement properly or simply lack. These categories include automation to bypass manually documenting the information, and a proactive integration model to connect siloed data between systems.

Alleviate manual taskwork with automated CMDB tools

Working across departments to collect and document CMDB information manually is inefficient. Without CMDB tools and automation, maintaining and updating the database is a scheduled task. Consequently, information can fall critically out of sync with ongoing reporting and compliance obligations of other departments.

OneTrust can store and categorize your CMDB relevant data, as well as update and retrieve information. Finding these data sources was previously a manual investigative task. By delivering and maintain your list of IT assets, software programs, and business processes for you. By scanning your digital systems, websites, cloud access security brokers (CASBs), Single-Sign-on (SSO) authenticators, and more to provide updated documentation of where specific IT assets and datasets reside with their geographic location and identify sensitive data stored across sources.

Increasing access to data with integrated systems

Historically, systems are as good as the data you put in them, but OneTrust data mapping has developed a powerful tool that creates added value for your business. OneTrust takes an integrated approach to maintaining your data. For instance, when information is found or updated in one area of the system, our platform shares that data to all indicated fields across systems.

Typically, IT maintains your company CMDB as part of its routine IT maintenance schedule. They may execute this task on a quarterly, annual or otherwise specified cadence. Taking an integrated approach with eDiscovery tools and the systems that house your data, OneTrust enables cross-functional collaboration and helps to eliminate redundancies. Without integrated CMDB tools, the data is only good for those who have immediate access to it. By taking a technology approach to a traditional business process problem, you can find a practical solution.

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