Technology Risk and Compliance

Imagine if you could proactively manage technology risk at scale

With OneTrust, you can inventory and connect your entire IT ecosystem, measure and monitor risk, and inform decisions to improve security posture and streamline compliance. 

  • Automate security standard management and the entire certification lifecycle
  • Inform program improvement by centrally managing incidents and investigation documentation 
  • Streamline your policy management lifecycle


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Automate compliance and scale risk reduction 

Promote a risk-based culture with the expert guidance, frameworks, and audit preparation you need to implement security policies and privacy standards across your organization.  

Graphs and assessment test results that help guide managers on which controls they should implement.

Connect your data across the business with context, to stay ahead of blind spots, prioritize mitigation, and gain real-time visibility into your risk posture.

Line graph example from the IT and Security Risk Management module that shows risk history over time as well as a status indicator that shows which stage of the evaluation process the user is currently in.

Integrate your incident response plans with your ongoing risk management practices to effectively manage security events. Deploy flexible intake options with dynamic playbooks to guide response and support long-term business resilience.

A form where users can set up security response actions and assign them to team members.

Draft and review policies, track attestations, and manage exceptions with our policy management software. 

Policy management dashboard

Explore Technology Risk and Compliance modules 

Certification Automation

Build, scale, and automate your security compliance program

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IT and Security Risk Management

Proactively identify, measure, and monitor risk across your IT ecosystem

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Incident Management

Protect your business with guided playbooks for incident management

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Policy Management

Stay compliant and optimize your policy management lifecycle

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5 key areas for improved automation in InfoSec compliance

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Yes. Your third-party relationships are a reflection of your organization which means risk mitigation must extend beyond the walls of your own organization. Our Third-Party Risk Management module streamlines every stage of the vendor lifecycle by automating workflows, like onboarding and ongoing vulnerability assessments, and mitigating risk across your portfolio.

We’re here to support you in more than check-the-box compliance. In doing so, our guidance will support you in achieving and maintaining relevant IT security certifications and compliance standards like CMMC 2.0, SOC 2, and more.

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