GRC and Security Assurance

Avoid uncertainty—empower your operations with risk-based decision making

Scale your risk and security functions with a unified platform for prioritizing and managing risk, so you can operate through uncertainty with confidence.

Operationalize governance and scale compliance 

The global regulatory and threat landscape continues to evolve, bringing new and unexpected requirements and risks to your organization. The OneTrust GRC and Security Assurance Cloud brings resiliency to your organization and supply chain amidst continuous cyber threats, global crises, and more. 

Gain regulatory intelligence and manage first- or third-party risk based on your chosen methodology. 

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Centralize policy development with embedded business intelligence and collaboration capabilities.

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Automate evidence collection and manage GRC tasks across the business with ease.

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Explore the GRC and Security Assurance Cloud 

Governance & Policy Management

Proactively monitor regulations, streamline exams and audits, accurately assess vendor risk, and protect your business with security certification compliance across frameworks.



Bar chart showing pending actions by department and numbers showing open exceptions and policies that are expiring in 90 days.

IT Risk & Security Assurance

Inventory and connect your IT ecosystem, measure and monitor risk, and inform decisions with role-based reports.


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Indicators showing aggregated and total hierarchy risk.

Third-party risk

Inventory and connect your IT ecosystem, measure and monitor risk, and inform decisions with role-based reports.


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Gauge graphic and a number showing an vendor's level of inherent risk

Audit & Compliance Management

Streamline internal compliance audits and gain visibility into audit status with reports and dashboards.



Audit & Compliance Management

Additional GRC and Security Assurance resources 

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In this report, Forrester provides a comprehensive guide to constructing a data governance framework that not only minimizes risk, but also enables frictionless security controls. 

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