It’s Time to Modernize: Handling Sensitive Data as an In-House Legal Team

Resource Privacy Management

In-house legal teams deal with some of the most sensitive information within organizations and are tasked with sharing files internally under common use cases like Litigation and Mergers & Acquisitions. It is important that these teams have the proper technology in place to automate the redaction of sensitive data from files in order to become more efficient and to minimize the risk of human error in manual redaction practices.


Watch the OneTrust webinar recording to hear from Rama Veeraragoo about how an automated Redaction solution can equip in-house legal teams with the modern technology needed to save time and safely handle the sensitive data shared within their organization.


Key Takeaways:

  • An overview of in-house legal teams and their common role in handling sensitive information
  • How in-house legal teams can modernize their work and leverage their valuable time with automated redaction
  • How OneTrust Data Redaction automatically finds sensitive information in files using AI technique and allows fast review of the redactions

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