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Optimize your risk and compliance lifecycle

Internal and external pressures on IT risk management and compliance teams continue to increase. Our Technology Risk and Compliance software helps you scale resources to gain insights for risk-informed decisions.

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Mature your risk management program with integrated automation 

With the expansion of cloud services, regulatory requirements, and data proliferation, expectations for risk and compliance programs continue to grow. We deliver integrated process automation so you can better manage, measure, and mitigate risk across your IT ecosystem.

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Harmonize risk and compliance program requirements

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Account for risk and complexity

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Simplify how you work with business stakeholders

Secure IT operations with automated compliance management

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Proactively manage, measure, and mitigate IT risk

Develop an evergreen asset and process inventory illustrating how systems, data, and associated risks move within and outside your organization. This will help you better identify, prioritize, and reduce IT risks in your complex business environment.

  • Evaluate control effectiveness and better understand residual or potential risk
  • Conduct contextual risk assessments through business-friendly questionnaires
  • Score risks based on custom formulas or out-of-the box methodologies
Graphic showcasing policy management dashboard metrics, including monitoring policies by workflow stage and attestations

Streamline your policy management lifecycle

Automate the management of internal policies, standards, and procedures ensuring consistency and efficiency across your organization. You’ll also gain a clear audit trail of policy changes, approvals, and enforcement actions to enhance accountability and transparency.

  • Centralize policies and collaboration by implementing a single source of truth
  • Streamline compliance efforts by linking policies to controls, IT assets, and more
  • Leverage dedicated workflows to manage exception requests, collect documentation, and set expiration dates
Graphic showcasing compliance automation dashboard features, including a chart, example frameworks available for use, and a control details panel.

Simplify compliance and automate evidence collection

Effectively scope, execute, monitor, and communicate your compliance posture to efficiently evaluate and enforce compliance across all business scopes. With OneTrust, you can collect the inputs once and comply across many frameworks with our proprietary shared evidence framework.

  • Centrally manage compliance initiatives across frameworks and business scopes
  • Automate how you generate required internal controls and conduct evidence collection tasks
  • Simplify complex InfoSec requirements into actionable tasks for non-compliance stakeholders
Graphic showing Incident Management platform features, such as logging a new incident and dashboard metrics segmenting incidents by type and status

Prepare and respond to risk events

IT and cybersecurity events can cause reputational damage and create compliance issues for the business. Our Incident Management module helps you contextually identify, delegate, track, resolve, and report on instances to reduce negative impact the business.

  • Quickly identify risks across IT and data assets to inform exposure and treatment plans
  • Implement dynamic workflow and incident assessments to operationalize remediation response workflows and evaluate the scope of impact
  • Encourage self-reporting with expanded incident intake options, such as a self-service portal and dynamic web forms

Learn more about how to optimize your risk and compliance lifecycle

Explore our resources below, or request a demo, to learn more about how we can support your risk management program.


The regulatory compliance and industry framework ecosystem is constantly evolving. While we encourage our customers to view their tech risk and compliance programs as a strategic business asset rather than a regulatory requirement, we acknowledge the significance of regulations and frameworks. Our software is designed to help you stay up to date on the latest and adjust your program accordingly. Although regulations vary by operating jurisdiction and industry, common considerations include –   

  • GDPR
  • ISO 27001
  • NIST Framework
  • SOC 2

The reality of cyber risk and data-as-an-asset has made technology risk a fundamental aspect of evaluating risk across various domains. See how OneTrust IT risk works with our broader platform solutions to help you build and scale your trust programs.

  • Synergize your privacy program and operations
    Centralize data sources to maintain a centralized risk register and leverage out-of-the-box security and risk controls to reinforce personal data protections and oversight.

  • Optimize third-party risk management with an integrated IT risk program
    Elevate automation and reporting efforts by sharing a common dataset and tailored workflow to collaborate with internal teams and engage vendors proactively as business objectives influence their current IT and third-party eco-system.

  • Fast-track working with internal audit management
    Streamine control review and evidence requests with a shared platform to accelerate collaboration and avoid unnecessary hunting for evidence across systems, departments, and individuals. 

  • Scale from IT to Enterprise Insights
    Build the foundation for real-time enterprise insights into aggregated risk exposure across data, assets, and processes supporting your digital enterprise to inform strategic business decisions. 


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