With new compliance challenges created by the GDPR and the CCPA, marketers face a new challenge: maintaining compliance while delivering a customized user experience. With a unified mission of providing marketers with the right tools and resources to face these challenges, OneTrust and the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) are partnering up.

With the GDPR’s has such high standards for organizations processing data based on consent and the CCPA’s rules and regulations around selling personal data, our common goal is to help marketers understand regulatory requirements while delivering personalized campaigns that respect their consumer’s privacy. Sharing a mission to equip marketers with the right tools and resources so they can succeed in all of their data privacy needs is what makes the partnership a natural fit.

But OneTrust and the DMA aren’t stopping there. In order to fully grasp the challenges that businesses are up against, the partnership includes supporting the “Data Privacy: An industry perspective 2019” research. This research consists of a survey that is open to anyone working in the data and marketing industry, and we encourage our customers and readers to participate.

OneTrust and the DMA will work together to deliver software tools, training, resources and thought leadership for marketing teams to responsibly manage, protect and administer customer data. This partnership also includes:

  • Free in-person workshops where attendees can network and learn best practices
  • OneTrust headlining the DMA’s Data Protection Summit, taking place on February 28, 2020 in London

To learn more about the DMA, visit DMA.org.uk. To learn more about OneTrust, check out our website or request a demo today! Stay up to date on all things OneTrust and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.