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MiTek Industries centralizes global privacy management with OneTrust

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MiTek Industries, part of the Berkshire Hathaway group, is a manufacturing building materials and engineering software. With a global customer base, privacy plays a key role in MiTek’s extensive operation. 

“Privacy is important because it is good business practice, but it also shouldn’t be considered a chore, it’s a positive. Privacy is empowering,” said Irakli Kheladze, Global Data Protection Officer at MiTek.

A blueprint for unity in a global organization

As the DPO for a global organization, Irakli needed a tool to centralize data, provide exposure to what is happening across global subsidiaries, and unify data processing operations. He was also looking for technology to help manage the additional workloads localization posed. In a nutshell, MiTek was looking for a solution to make their privacy program management more efficient. 

During the search for a privacy management technology, MiTek was repeatedly referred to OneTrust. After a review of the available modules and conversations with OneTrust developers, MiTek knew OneTrust was the right solution to meet its needs. 

"In the race for CCPA compliance the central location that OneTrust provided was absolutely key in delivering on time."


Irakli Kheladze, Global Data Protection Officer

The right tools for the job

MiTek wanted to invest in all the technology needed to make their privacy program as efficient and effective as possible, so they acquired a range of OneTrust modules: Cookie Compliance, Assessment Automation, Data Mapping, Data Subject Access Requests, and Vendor Risk Management. 

The implementation of Cookie Compliance made global cookie management for GDPR, CCPA and other global privacy laws much easier.  OneTrust provided a centralized point and unified processes, allowing a clear overview of both local processes and data. 

“In the race for CCPA compliance the central location that OneTrust provided was absolutely key in delivering on time,” said Irakli.

The Assessment Automation and Data Mapping modules now form an essential component of MiTek’s privacy program. They needed to be able to map their data first, then could shift focus to processes and efficiency. 

Responding to data subject access requests can be a time–consuming task, and ensuring that this process was compliant, especially with the CCPA, was a key focus for MiTek. OneTrust’s DSAR module enabled MiTek to automate the necessary workflows, not only saving time, but also improving the company’s transparency and readiness to respond.

With Vendor Risk Management, MiTek brought a new level of efficiency to their third-party risk management. With many associated workflows automated and templates easily accessible, MiTek was again able to provide a unified standard across all areas of the global business.

Another key benefit of OneTrust, according to Irakli, is the ease of use. Each element of a module is laid out clearly, and allows for smooth import and export functionality. The modules are easy to use and built with the users in mind.

"OneTrust puts milestones in place, making these goals more visual and tangible, which really gives privacy some perspective."


Irakli Kheladze, Global Data Protection Officer

This accessibility is key to MiTek; users don’t need to have detailed knowledge of privacy or compliance software to be able to access the OneTrust configuration. The user-interface of the OneTrust dashboard is user-friendly and makes onboarding new business units into the platform simple. The clear processes allow users to access the parts of the program that are relevant to their role, increasing their engagement with privacy.

The foundation for a privacy platform 

OneTrust has pulled privacy out of a siloed team and integrated it into conversations across the business, thanks to the ease of use and employee adoption of the platform. An increased awareness of privacy and more open conversations means the ongoing goal of privacy as a business differentiator feels more attainable, as privacy secures its place on people’s agendas across the organization. 

“OneTrust has become synonymous with privacy within internal communication,” said Irakli.

All MiTek users across the globe are working from the same dashboards, ensuring that the correct milestones are in place and everyone is working towards the same process. “OneTrust puts milestones in place, and making these goals more visual and tangible gives privacy some perspective,” said Irakli.

"OneTrust has become synonymous with privacy within internal communication."


Irakli Kheladze, Global Data Protection Officer

Privacy is fast becoming a competitive advantage, and the leadership team at MiTek recognizes this, knowing that a company’s privacy policy can be a deciding factor in closing deals and maintaining positive consumer relationships.

Building towards a future of global compliance

The future looks bright for MiTek’s privacy program. They soon plan to implement OneTrust Awareness Training for employees across the globe to get privacy training specific to their jurisdictions. This is key as several new regulations are on the horizon, including POPIA in South Africa, PIPEDA in Canada and many upcoming regulations across Australasia. 

OneTrust empowers Irakli and his team to feel confident as new regulations arise and workflows are expanded to new business areas. The comprehensive configuration of OneTrust modules means they have a future proof program that will grow and develop alongside the organization. MiTek’s investment in OneTrust was designed with the future in mind, they had confidence in the products and the resulting program is in-line with their future development.

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