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Match Group leverages OneTrust privacy and GRC solutions

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Match Group is a leading provider of dating apps and services available in over 40 languages to users all over the world. Match Group’s portfolio of brands includes Tinder®, Match®, OK Cupid®, Hinge®, PairsTM, Meetic®, and many others, each designed to increase users’ likelihood of finding a meaningful connection. Match Group employs over 1,500 people in various locations globally. Dating is a very personal experience, so it is critical that Match Group customers trust that their data and consent preferences are handled appropriately, ethically, and lawfully.

"Our business is based on trust. We want people to know that by using our apps, they will be getting a great service, and their data will be processed securely, ethically, and lawfully."


Idriss Kechida, Chief Privacy Officer

An agile CMP

While Match Group’s business model is not built around advertising revenue, there is still the need for the organization to comply with laws and frameworks surrounding cookie and consent management, including the IAB TCF 2.0.

This led Idriss Kechida, Chief Privacy Officer at Match Group, to engage with OneTrust PreferenceChoice CMP for Publishers to leverage custom features that capture and store user consent preferences.

"OneTrust has helped us address both IAB guidelines and the law. We found that OneTrust’s solution was allowing us to easily leverage solutions we put in place for compliance among our websites."


Idriss Kechida, Chief Privacy Officer

As the company runs many websites in the EU, they needed a tool that would allow them to put the appropriate measures in place to ensure compliance and consistency with their high standard of privacy practices on mass. Now, following developments with IAB guidelines and updates to the TCF v2.0, Idriss finds there is a greater challenge to balancing cookie law with the new and evolving frameworks across the volume of websites that Match Group operates.

As the regulatory goalposts and challenges are ever-evolving, so too must the solutions for staying ahead. One of the benefits Idriss has found from the OneTrust CMP for Publishers is the tool’s ability to adapt and be flexible to the operational suggestions of clients.

"We are deploying the same number of websites, but it is now much faster with the new OneTrust platform."


Idriss Kechida, Chief Privacy Officer

Trust and risk management are key

Combining OneTrust GRC third-party risk management’s customizable questionnaires, Match Group was able to automate many aspects of vendors vetting and risk management processes.

Furthermore, as GRC seamlessly integrates into the wider OneTrust platform, these questionnaires automatically populate the Data Mapping module, allowing Match Group’s privacy team to keep records of processing up to date. Idriss further highlights the benefits of the connectivity between OneTrust modules in helping raise privacy awareness at a group level, and for inspiring proactivity amongst all Match Group employees, including those whose roles are not fully dedicated to privacy.

"We constantly strive to raise awareness and train employees so they understand that they all have a role to play and thus own a piece of the company’s privacy program, giving them access to the OneTrust tool really helps them realize this and act on it."


Idriss Kechida, Chief Privacy Officer

Match Group found a winning formula for their global privacy program through the personalization, integration, and automation of multiple OneTrust offerings. By giving vendors direct access to their custom questionnaires and allowing all employees to have access to OneTrust tools, Match Group has also been able to build a culture of accountability that runs through all stakeholders.

In turn, this has enabled the organization to further develop their image as a trusted and leading brand for dating services, something that the company highlights as a core component of their overall business model.

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