An American retail chain gets CCPA ready with Wipro and OneTrust

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Wipro is a OneTrust partner, and a global leader in cyber security, information technology, consulting and business process services. Drawing on the power of cognitive computing, hyper-automation, robotics, cloud, analytics and emerging technologies, Wipro helps customers implement the business processes and technology they need to drive success.

As one of the largest department store chains in the US, the client embarked on an extensive engagement with Wipro to transform its operations and implement a forward-looking, technology-enabled program to sustain compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The key goals for this engagement were to implement an automated solution to manage their CCPA consumer rights requests and a user-friendly cookie compliance management. 

A tailor-made compliance solution

Balancing user experience and sustainable compliance objectives were key solution imperatives to improve employee efficiency and to ensure positive interactions for their external customers.

Through its existing partnership, Wipro believed that OneTrust’s innovative Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) and Consumer Rights and Cookie Consent modules would be valuable additions to the client’s compliance program. When evaluated against competitors, OneTrust stood out for its rich product features, flexibility and customization options.  

Customization to meet requirements was key to the success of this project, the OneTrust team helped us customize various elements of the solution, from a custom sandbox to the final output, resulting in a great fit-for-purpose bespoke implementation.


Nikhil Narayan, Lead Consultant

Retail therapy: A smooth implementation from OneTrust and Wipro

Through collaboration with an integrated customer legal and technology team, Wipro and OneTrust could ensure that the requisite legal requirements and platform customizations were fully understood by all of the relevant stakeholders. A dedicated team lead by Wipro’s Data Privacy Consultant and Data Security Technology Lead, Nikhil Narayan, worked alongside OneTrust as part of the data discovery, solution finding, and implementation processes. Together, they offered crucial platform design inputs, robust support and a dedicated sandbox to carry out the requisite modifications to the DSAR form, third-party integration for validating personal information etc. Overall, the team delivered an automated solution in 6 months, resulting in:

  • Process efficiency led to 50% reduction in FTEs handling DSAR requests
  • Improved turnaround time for DSAR compliance improved by 75%  
  • Reduction in error rates and an increase in quality and accurate output

“Customization to meet requirements was key to the success of this project, the OneTrust team helped us customize various elements of the solution, from a custom sandbox to the final output, resulting in a great fit-for-purpose bespoke implementation,” said Nikhil.

The 6-month effort enabled sustainable CCPA compliance for the customer. Additional efficiencies through automation are currently being discussed with the customer as a next phase of this journey to reduce total cost of compliance and satisfy regulatory and customer demands. 

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