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OneTrust Releases Session Agenda and Certification Programme Tracks for PrivacyTECH

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August 30, 2018

OneTrust, the global leader in privacy management and marketing compliance with 1,500 customers including 200 of the Global 2,000, today released the session agenda and OneTrust Professional and Expert Certification Programme tracks for PrivacyTECH 2018, 8-10 October in London. PrivacyTECH will bring together industry leaders to breakdown the latest technology innovations driving global privacy compliance. Event attendees will also earn CPE hours for event attendance and participation in the certification programme.

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OneTrust PrivacyTECH Session Agenda

OneTrust PrivacyTECH attendees will discover new compliance tools and technologies, exchange operational best practices with industry peers, and gain the skills required to implement OneTrust in practice to build a scalable privacy programme. The event will feature 30+ breakout sessions that go deep into OneTrust products, roadmaps and use cases.

  • Keynotes: Each morning of PrivacyTECH will feature a keynote session presented by OneTrust executives, privacy innovators and European Union regulators.
  • Privacy Programme Management breakouts include:
    • Getting Started with OneTrust Privacy Programme Management Solutions
    • Unpack the Power of the OneTrust Assessment Automation Service
    • Data Mapping: How to Effectively Link Vendors to Data Processing Activities
    • Automating Vendor Risk Management: Handling Third-Party Security & Privacy Risks
    • Notification or Not? Leverage OneTrust to Assess Post-Breach Procedures
  • Consent and Preference Management deep-dives include:
    • Getting Started with OneTrust Marketing Compliance Solutions
    • Cookie Consent: Learn from Real-World Implementations
    • Consent and Preferences: Empower Marketing Without Sacrificing Compliance
    • Data Subject Rights Workflows: Automation You Can Implement Today
    • Mobile App Compliance: Collecting Consent & the Possibilities of Preferences
    • IAB Europe Framework: How Publishers Can Increase Opt-In and Ad Revenue
  • Global Privacy Law sessions include:
    • California Consumer Privacy Act: Prepare for the CCPA with OneTrust
    • Global Privacy: How to Prepare Your Company for the Global Privacy Landscape
    • GDPR and Privacy Shield: Validate Your Programmes with OneTrust
  • Services and Support features include:
    • Support Essentials: Take Advantage of Every Available OneTrust Resource
    • The Power of the OneTrust API: Put Your Integrations to Work

See the full session agenda at Additional sessions will continue to be added to the programme.

OneTrust PrivacyTECH Certification Programme

The OneTrust Certification Programme offers a foundation for the successful implementation and maintenance of the OneTrust tool. Attendees will have the opportunity to earn their OneTrust certifications in a number of areas, and can complete an exam to earn their certification badge. Certification areas include:

  • Professional Certification: The OneTrust Professional Certification is for those seeking to successfully implement and use the OneTrust platform. Each module is reviewed at a high-level with conceptual lectures, platform demonstrations, and hands-on exercises. Programme attendees have the opportunity to become a OneTrust Certified Privacy Management Professional by completing and passing an exam.
  • Expert Certification: Privacy professionals that have already completed the OneTrust Professional Certification can deepen their understanding of OneTrust modules. Expert tracks are offered for: Assessment Automation, Cookie Consent, Consent Management, Data Mapping, Data Subject Requests, Incident Management and Vendor Risk Management.

Register for the Certification Programme at Certification can be purchased a la carte or in addition to a full PrivacyTECH conference pass.

“OneTrust PrivacyTECH will equip attendees to leave the event as a better and more educated privacy professionals,” said Kabir Barday, OneTrust CEO and Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP). “Every aspect of the event is designed to give attendees the tools, knowledge, resources and networking opportunities to further not just their company’s privacy initiatives, but also their own careers. We look forward to bringing together the largest community dedicated to privacy technology in London.”

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About OneTrust PrivacyTECH

OneTrust PrivacyTECH is a focused user conference event for privacy practitioners to discover new compliance tools and technologies, exchange operational best practices with industry peers and gain the skills required to implement OneTrust in practice to build a scalable privacy programme. PrivacyTECH 2018 will take place 8-10 October in London. To register for the event, visit


About OneTrust

OneTrust is the global leader in privacy management and marketing compliance software. More than 1,500 customers, including 200 of the Global 2,000, use OneTrust to comply with global data privacy regulations across sectors and jurisdictions, including the EU GDPR, ePrivacy (Cookie Law) and California Consumer Privacy Act. An additional 10,000 organisations use OneTrust’s technology through a partnership with the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), the world’s largest global information privacy community.

The comprehensive platform is based on a combination of intelligent scanning, regulator guidance-based questionnaires, automated workflows and developer plugins used together to automatically generate the record keeping required for an organisation to demonstrate compliance to regulators and auditors. The platform is enriched with content from hundreds of templates based on the world-class privacy research conducted by our 100+ in-house certified privacy professionals.

The software, available in 50+ languages, is backed by over 20 awarded patents and can be deployed in an EU cloud or on-premise.

OneTrust helps organisations implement GDPR requirements, including Data Protection by Design and Default (PbD), Data Protection Impact Assessments (PIA/DPIA), Vendor Risk Management, Incident and Breach Management, Records of Processing (Data Mapping), Consent Management, ePrivacy Cookie Consent, Data Subject Access Rights, Portability and Right to Be Forgotten, as well as demonstrating accountability and compliance.

PrivacyConnect, OneTrust’s GDPR community, hosts free workshops in 85 international cities, and is attended by thousands of privacy professionals to share best practices.

PrivacyTECH, OneTrust’s global user conference, will take place 8-10 October in London. OneTrust PrivacyTECH will bring together 500+ privacy professionals to breakdown the latest technology innovations driving global privacy compliance.

OneTrust is co-headquartered in Atlanta, GA and in London, UK, with additional offices in Bangalore, Melbourne, Munich and Hong Kong. The fast-growing team of privacy and technology experts surpasses 500 employees worldwide. To learn more, visit

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