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OneTrust Updates Incident & Breach Response Solution

Automate breach intake, response and documentation for any jurisdiction and breach impact with a single intelligent questionnaire powered by DataGuidance by OneTrust

May 21, 2019

Today at PrivacyTech, the largest user conference dedicated to privacy technology, OneTrust announced major updates to the OneTrust Incident and Breach Response solution, automating breach intake, response and documentation across 300+ data breach laws built-into the platform. Powered by DataGuidance by OneTrust intelligence, customers can holistically manage timelines, deadlines and requirements to respond to incidents and breaches across relevant jurisdictions.

Register for the Webinar: OneTrust 5.0 Product Updates on June 6 at 16:00 GMT/11:00am ET

With more than 300 global breach notifications and laws, various levels of PII and risk involved, hundreds of contracts and different responses required by DPAs, managing the incident and breach lifecycle is a complex exercise for security and privacy teams. OneTrust Incident and Breach Response, powered by intelligence from DataGuidance, provides context-aware and automated processes for customers to manage evaluation and response before, during and after an incident or breach in five key steps:

  1. Prepare: Leverage DataGuidance research to understand which of the 300+ jurisdictional and sector-specific laws you may be subject to and the level of PII and risk involved.
  2. Build: Use this research to build response plans, set up self-service portals and create incident and response workflows.
  3. Intake & Assess: In the event of an incident or breach, complete a single intelligent intake questionnaire to understand and assess the relevant states, countries and people impacted by the event.
  4. Respond: Automatically create event-specific responses based the OneTrust questionnaire. Leverage templates to notify relevant data protection authorities and users. Keep track of response progress and deadlines with pre-configured workflows, or create new processes based on the event.
  5. Document & Review: Track incidents over time, review trends, perform post-breach analysis, maintain documented audit trails and generate records of compliance.

To learn more about how OneTrust automates incident and breach workflows, visit OneTrust Incident and Breach Response and download the OneTrust Incident and Breach Toolkit.

“Preparing for incidents and breaches ahead of time is crucial to keeping track with various data breach laws and maintaining customer confidence,” said Blake Brannon, OneTrust VP Product. “OneTrust Incident and Breach Response gives security and privacy teams a platform to understand the laws they are subject to and prepare workflows to better manage responses in the event of an incident.”

Learn more about OneTrust Incident & Breach Response this week during PrivacyTech Americas, register for PrivacyTech Europe, taking place 12-14 June in London, or register for the OneTrust 5.0 Product Update Webinar on June 6. For additional information, or to request a live OneTrust Privacy Management Software demo, visit or email


About OneTrust

OneTrust is the largest and most widely used technology platform to operationalize privacy, security and third-party risk management. According The Forrester New Wave™: GDPR and Privacy Management Software, Q4 2018, OneTrust “leads the pack for vision and execution.” Additionally, Fast Company named OneTrust as one of 2019’s World’s Most Innovative Companies.

More than 2,500 customers, both big and small and across 100 countries, use OneTrust to implement their privacy, security and third-party risk programs, automatically generating the specific record keeping needed to demonstrate compliance with privacy regulations including the EU GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Brazil LGPD, and hundreds of the world’s privacy laws.

OneTrust’s size and scale allows it to offer the easiest-to-use and most affordable solution for implementing use cases including: Privacy Maturity Benchmarking, Data Protection by Design and Default (PbD), Data Protection Impact Assessments (PIA/DPIA), Third-Party Vendor Risk Management, Incident and Breach Response, Data Mapping (Records of Processing), Customer Preference Management, Consent Management, Website Scanning & Cookie Compliance, Mobile App Scanning, Data Subject/Consumer Rights Management and Policy & Notice Management. The software, available in 60 languages, is backed by 50 awarded patents, integrates with 300 technology partners, and can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

The platform’s intelligence comes from DataGuidance by OneTrust, an in-depth and up-to-date source of privacy and security regulatory summaries, guidance, templates, case law, and analysis. Hundreds of global privacy and security laws and frameworks are built-in, including security frameworks like ISO27001. The database is updated daily by over 30 in-house privacy researchers, along with a network of 500 lawyers across over 300 jurisdictions, and by active input as part of OneTrust’s regulatory engagement program.

OneTrust’s customers are supported by a worldwide team of over 100 in-house privacy implementation and support resources and boasts a customer satisfaction score of 95%. Customers can also access more than 1,000 external individuals who have completed the OneTrust Certified Privacy Management Professional program.

The OneTrust Global Privacy Community is the largest, most active and globally available community for privacy technology. Each year, OneTrust brings together over 10,000 professionals across 400 events to share best practices and breakdown the latest technology innovations driving global privacy compliance. Events include PrivacyConnect workshops in 100+ international cities and PrivacyTech, OneTrust’s global user conference.

OneTrust’s 700 employees are located across co-headquarters in Atlanta and in London with additional locations in Bangalore, Melbourne, San Francisco, New York, Munich and Hong Kong. To learn more, visit or connect on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook.

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