Transition to Net-Zero Emissions

The company overview screen from the Carbon Accounting module from OneTrust.

Calculate, Track, and Analyze Emissions

Understand your carbon footprint and meet compliance standards for leading carbon accounting standards like GHG Protocol. Planetly by OneTrust Carbon Accounting makes data collection more efficient with time-saving integrations and in-depth analysis benchmarked against your industry peers.

The OneTrust Carbon Accounting company overview screen where you can view details by location and assign tasks to users.

Focus on Impact and Reduction

Set company-wide emissions reduction targets that are in line with the latest climate science and easily identify your organization’s emission hotspots to address quick wins. Our extended network of reduction partners will help you take sector-specific reduction measures and evaluate renewable energy options. The evidence is in reporting.

A screen where you can customize your carbon accounting program.

Offsets Tailored to Your Organization

Access your custom climate action portfolio to see which offset projects align to your company values, location, and budget. With projects across 23 countries, you’ll have an ecosystem of highly vetted options.

A screen where users can benchmark their accounting program.

Showcase Your Commitment

Communicating carbon management results to stakeholders is critical. Use standards-based reporting and interactive dashboards to share progress made on measuring, reducing, and offsetting your emissions.

The company overview screen from the Carbon Accounting module from OneTrust.

Get Started with Carbon Accounting

Sign up for a demo to learn how you can automate your carbon accounting and operationalize your reduction and offset efforts for a more effective carbon management program.

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