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Sapin II Compliance

Establish and maintain Sapin II compliance

Reinforce your ethics program and speed compliance with the French Anti-Corruption Agency AFA Sapin II law with the OneTrust Ethics and Compliance Cloud. 

Sapin II compliance

Detect and prevent corruption

Get the tools you need establish anti-corruption measures, empower whistleblowers, train employees, and holistically manage risk. 

Develop, maintain, distribute, and track a consistent code of conduct and policies for internal and external employees or stakeholders. 

Establish a speak-up culture with an intuitive multi-channel helpline that empowers stakeholders, streamlines investigations, and safeguards reporter anonymity.  

Customize your training program based on your needs and track engagement with automated reporting to empower employees to combat misconduct and eliminate fraud. 

AFA guidance requires organizations to continuously monitor and improve the efficacy of internal controls. Track the efficiency of your internal controls with automated reporting and risk mapping. Analyze potential risks so you can take the necessary steps to protect your organization’s integrity. 

June 25, 2024

Modern slavery: Identifying the signs of forced labor in your supply chain

Looking up and down your organization's supply chain for key indicators is critical to preventing, identifying, and stamping out forced labor.


Explore answers to frequently asked questions to learn more about the French anti-corruption law. 

The Transparency, Anti-Corruption and Economic Modernisation Act, otherwise known as Sapin II, is a 2016 French law that provides protection for whistleblowers and guidelines to detect and prevent bribery, influence peddling, and extortion. Under the law, companies must establish effective anti-corruption compliance programs and create procedures for collecting and processing complaints. It also established the Anti-Corruption Agency (AFA) to detect non-compliance, draft additional guidelines, and sanction acts of corruption. 

Sapin II applies to any company based in France that employs at least 500 employees and has a yearly revenue of €100 million. 

Our Ethics and Compliance Cloud helps you take a proactive approach to Sapin II compliance. We provide you tools to quickly assess potential risk, establish robust anti-corruption controls, set up training programs, and establish intuitive reporting channels. We also provide access to the world’s largest regulatory database where you can get the latest AFA guidance and insights. 

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