Detect and Prevent Corruption at Every Level

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Holistically Manage Risk

Quickly assess clients and third parties to identify, assess and prioritize risk mitigation related to bribery and corruption.

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Establish Anti-Corruption Measures

An integrated Ethics and Compliance platform enables you to take a deeper look into your data to create proactive solutions to protect your business and stakeholders.

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Strengthen and Broaden Prevention

Develop higher standards for your organization with an intuitive whistleblowing helpline, interactive code of conduct, policy management system, training program, and more.

Providing Dedicated Support for Sapin II Compliance

Employee Policy Attestation Software Dashboard Example

Establish Higher Expectations for Employees and Stakeholders

Maintaining a code of conduct and policies can be a complex job when working to comply with every area of Sapin II. We’ll work with you to develop, maintain, distribute, and track a consistent code of conduct and policies for working with internal and external employees or stakeholders.

Empowering Reporters and Whistleblowers Feature Image

Create an Easy-to-Use Internal Whistleblowing Helpline

When potential misconduct or code violations occur, the process of reporting and case management can become difficult without operations in place to protect integrity. Full Sapin II compliance requires you to build trust from within to safeguard reporters and handle complaints diligently.

Ethics Training Customization Example

Train Employees on How to Identify and Avoid Risk

Now, more than ever, the requirement to remain risk-ready is critical to the success of both small and large businesses. OneTrust provides customized training to empower employees to combat misconduct and eliminate fraud.

Compliance Management Example Screen

Document, Monitor, and Evaluate Implemented Measures

AFA guidance requires organizations to continuously monitor and improve the efficacy of internal controls. The OneTrust Ethics Cloud equips you with the reporting you need to analyze potential risks to maintain compliance and ethical values over time.

Learn How OneTrust Supports Sapin II Compliance

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