OneTrust today announced OneTrust Cookie Auto-BlockingTM for zero code website compliance, allowing users to dramatically reduce the time it takes to implement cookie consent for GDPR or CCPA compliance. This capability automatically scans, finds and blocks all tracking technologies until the visitor has provided consent through user’s OneTrust consent solution for both GDPR/ePrivacy opt-in, and CCPA opt-out of sale options. Traditional approaches to implementing cookie consent requires time consuming developer effort to integrate the cookie blocking technology into the website code or into a tag manager. OneTrust Cookie Auto-BlockingTM is able to now do this in real-time with zero code required.

Get started today with OneTrust Cookie Auto-Blocking

As the CCPA’s Jan. 1 deadline quickly approaches, businesses are racing to implement cookie compliance. Many organizations have determined that “opt-out of sale” also includes the use of advertising related trackers and cookies, and requires implementing an opt-out consent solution. A similar requirement in EU’s GDPR & ePrivacy directive requires that cookies that are not strictly necessary for the website to operate must have consent before they appear. Traditional approaches to implementing these requirements requires time consuming development and integrations, but with OneTrust’s Cookie Auto-Blocking technology, organizations can automatically block all cookies and trackers without having to do this manual work to make their website compliant in minutes.

OneTrust Cookie Auto-Blocking automatically discovers all first-party and third-party trackers on your site and dynamically blocks them without any coding or manual tag manager integration.

Customers can get started in three easy steps:

  1. Scan Your Website & Categorize Cookies
  2. Select Your Consent Model(s) and Banner Layout
  3. Publish and Add the Auto-Blocking OneTrust Script to Your Website

“Our product team is focused on making major enhancements to make our solutions as simple as possible to use,” said Blake Brannon, VP Product at OneTrust. “OneTrust’s new Cookie Auto-Blocking dramatically reduces the time it takes to implement a cookie banner for CCPA or GDPR compliance. This solution is so simple and easy to use, it requires no coding or knowledge of your website’s configuration; it’s just amazing.”

Register for OneTrust’s CCPA Cookie Consent Webinar Series to learn how you can manage cookie consent prior to the CCPA 2020 deadline.

Get started today with the OneTrust Cookie Auto-Blocking. To take advantage of our additional availability and resources for larger CCPA same-day implementations, email [email protected]  

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