Succeeding in a Privacy-First World with Alex Cash

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In an era where consumer data is increasingly protected, building trust through privacy compliance presents an opportunity–rather than a limitation–for brand marketers

Privacy regulations, the looming deprecation of third-party cookies and changes to app tracking are providing real challenges for marketers today. At the same time, consumers prefer personalized experiences more than ever.


But consider this: Brands have a number of tools at their disposal to help manage consumer targeting in this new era of privacy-first marketing. And those that not only adhere to consumer preferences relating to data use but also leverage them to craft tailored experiences will build trust, loyalty and brand affinity as a result.


In this conversation with Alex Cash, Director of Strategy for OneTrust Consent and Preference Management, you will discover:

  • Insights on building trust between brands and consumers through transparency
  • Strategies for data collection to further business goals
  • How to prioritize data while ensuring the best customer experience


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Alex Cash

Director or Strategy
Consent and Preference Management


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