OTT & CTV Liftoff: A Deep Dive into Delivering Personalized Experiences to Streamers

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The omni-channel world is here. As a result, there is unprecedented demand to watch, listen to, download, and read the content we want, on all of the devices we own. In this omni-channel world, we have seen several waves of privacy compliance. The first wave impacted web properties and the second wave focused on mobile apps. Now, we are at the onset of the third wave: Over-The-Top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV). The shift to OTT and CTV content consumption opens an opportunity for publishers and advertisers to engage the large streaming audience and deliver personalized experiences by enabling privacy controls.


In an age where technology and privacy collide and companies have relied heavily on third-party cookies, how can marketing preferences, tracking technology, identifiers, and device-level permissions come together to deliver personalized experiences?


Watch Now! Join OneTrust consent management experts, in this on-demand webinar, to gain an understanding of how to incorporate consent and privacy strategies on OTT applications and CTV platforms.

  • Discover how to address privacy compliance in OTT and CTV
  • Learn best practices to deliver a seamless privacy-centric user experience across devices
  • Gain insight into configuring the right user journey to boost opt-ins and monetization


The speaker Pratik Doshi's profile image
Pratik Doshi

Product Manager


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Arshdeep Sood

Strategic Solutions Engineer


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