Adobe + OneTrust: How to market responsibly with consent-based experiences

Marketers are in the midst of a data conundrum. The combination of consumer data privacy sensitivities, complex privacy regulations governing digital tracking, and operating and browser system restrictions on data collection — significantly marketers’ ability to access and use consumer data. Data stewards, whether you are a privacy leader or MarTech professional, responsible for privacy-first data activation, learn how to build, acquire and activate data responsibly based on privacy and marketing preferences shared by individuals.

Join this webinar with Adobe and OneTrust as the teams cover:

  • Market drivers and trends impacting responsible data governance and activation in 2023.
  • Simple data governance best practices across use cases such as customer acquisition, personalization at scale, and data collaboration.
  • Deliver privacy-centric experiences through the OneTrust and Adobe real-time integration by collecting and activating data responsibly, based on permission or consent.


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Featured speakers

Rakhi Patel

Principal Product Marketing Manager

Shreya Anantharaman

Product Manager
Adobe Experience Platform (Trust)

Ryan Karlin

Director of Product Management
OneTrust Consent & Preferences

On-demand webinar coming soon...

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