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OneTrust Cookie Consent Upgraded with Recent ICO, CNIL and Country- and State-Specific Guidance

With OneTrust Cookie Consent, customers can adapt cookie banners based on recent regulatory guidance and dynamically display country- and state-specific UI banners based on visitor’s browser location

August 15, 2019

Recent guidance from the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office and the France’s Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés (CNIL), have shined a greater spotlight on how organizations manage cookie consent banners across web properties. OneTrust announced today updated Cookie Consent and Website Scanning technology with ICO, CNIL, country- and state-specific guidance built-in to help customers adapt their cookie display and consent collection policies based on the user’s browser location.

OneTrust’s cookie geolocation technology also offers specific consent UI not just at the country level, but at the state level based on the user’s IP detection. OneTrust’s cookie technology is built upon deep regulatory research from OneTrust’s in house team of 40 privacy researchers and network of 500 lawyers across 300 jurisdictions.

Recent Updated Guidance on Cookie Consent from the ICO and CNIL
In early July, the ICO released its new Guidance on the Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies, which addressed the use and requirements in relation to cookies, the relationship between Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 (PECR) and the GDPR, as well as how to comply with both. For a detailed look at the ICO’s guidance, read our blog and download the webinar.

Just a few weeks later, the CNIL released updated cookie guidelines that repeal previous CNIL Cookie Guidelines and re-interpret the Article 5.3 of the e-Privacy Directive from 2013, which imposed an obligation to obtain prior consent before placing or accessing cookies and similar technologies. For more on the CNIL’s guidance, read our blog and download the webinar.

In addition, many other countries and US states are coming out with their own guidance on cookie requirements. While this guidance is critical compliance, it also points to the broader challenges of maintaining proper cookie consent across various jurisdictions. An organization’s website can be accessed by a visitor in any location, so it is critical to have a flexible and dynamic cookie solution that can adapt to the specific requirements of the visitor’s location.

Create Dynamic, Country and State-Specific Cookie Banners with OneTrust
OneTrust’s Cookie Consent and Website Scanning is the solution to this challenge is updated with ICO, CNIL and country-specific guidance built in. With over seven years in production and trusted by 100,000+ websites, it is the most mature and flexible cookie consent solution in the market. Customers can adapt their cookie banners to meet recent ICO and CNIL guidance, as well as display custom country- and state-specific banners based on the visitor’s IP address location. OneTrust’s solution is the first in the market to offer dynamic cookie banners based not just on a visitor’s country, but their state IP address as well.

OneTrust’s Cookie Consent technology is powered by Cookiepedia™, the largest inventory of pre-categorized cookies. With a simple scan, companies can identify which cookies and tracking technologies are on a website and automatically categorizes them based on type, including first-party, third-party, performance and targeting, so customers can get granular consent based on the cookie type.

“Website cookies and other tracking technologies are critical to business and marketing success, and this new guidance gives a clearer understanding of the types of consent models accepted by regulatory authorities. However, building new consent models for every country and state that are up-to-date with the latest guidance is unmanageable without the right technology and research partner in place,” said Kabir Barday, OneTrust CEO and Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP). “OneTrust’s cookie solution gives a great user experience that adapts to a country’s specific cookie laws. Powered by deep regulatory research from our 40 in house privacy researchers and network of 500 lawyers across the globe, we’re able to give our customer’s updated cookie consent models as soon as regulatory guidance comes out, so they can be set up for compliance and business success.”

For a detailed explanation of the new guidance and implications on cookie consent banners, watch our webinar detailing the ICO guidance and CNIL guidance. For additional information, or to request a live OneTrust Cookie Consent and Website Scanning demo, visit or email


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