ESG Risk in the Enterprise: Focus on the Environment

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Environmental, Social & Governance – ESG – is a dominant focus in organizations as they strive to address the integrity of their values, commitments, and obligations within the organization and across the extended enterprise. In this first of our webinar series in ESG Risk in the Enterprise, we turn our focus at looking at the E in ESG, the Environment.


In context of the Environment, we are headed to one of two futures. The truth is that we are at a critical point in history, a point that can lead to two very different outcomes. In our age of technology advancement and knowledge, will this be defined as the ‘age of wisdom?’ Or will it be seen as the ‘age of foolishness?’ The decisions we make and our organizations make will lead us to a ‘season of light’ or a ‘season of darkness,’ either a ‘spring of hope’ or a winter of despair.’


This is causing organizations to rearchitect their understanding and approach to enterprise values and risk to address the environmental impact of the organization. Organizations are evaluating their carbon footprint, impact on climate change, as well as use of resources and impact on air, water, and waste. They are also evaluating how environmental risks impact strategic objectives, other risks, and the reputation and brand of the organization.


In this webinar, attendees will learn about:

  • The scope of ESG with a particular focus on the Environment
  • Key environmental regulatory, reputation, and brand drivers
  • Identifying key ESG risks and impact on the enterprise
  • Building a strategic plan for the environmental aspects of ESG
  • Core processes needed for environmental monitoring and reporting
  • The role of technology in making environmental management efficient, effective, and agile


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