Build Accountability into Your Supply Chain

Scope 3 Carbon Accounting Dashboard Example

Calculate Scope 3 Carbon Emissions

Simplify data collection with integrations that enable collaboration and accurate measurement of your Scope 3 footprint. Gain actionable insights to understand your suppliers’ emissions over time and how they stack up against leading carbon accounting standards like GHG Protocol.

Third-Party Partners and Suppliers Example

Collaborate on Supplier Sustainability Targets

Define supply chain sustainability targets alongside your suppliers and automate follow-ups to enforce accountability. Easily review actions taken to reduce emissions to share in disclosure reporting.

Vendor Supplier Performance Risk Dashboard Example

Report on Supply Chain Performance

Pre-built templates and industry benchmarks make it easier to report on the sustainability of your supply chain. Export reports to share progress made with key team members or relevant external stakeholders.

Supplier Sustainability and Responsibility Dashboard Features Example

Get Started with Supplier Sustainability and Responsibility

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