OneTrust updates Cookie Consent solution with detailed records of user consent

June 28, 2018

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OneTrust Updates Cookie Consent Solution with Detailed Records of User Consent

Since the implementation of GDPR a little over a month ago, organizations around the world are assessing their online cookie consent practices to comply with GDPR, ePrivacy and IAB Europe cookie standards.  To help organizations with compliance, OneTrust has added a new detailed Records of User Consent feature to the OneTrust’s Cookie Consent and Website Scanning.


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This new feature gives customers detailed records of consent, allowing them to demonstrate to regulators the user’s consent preferences to specific cookie categories, including targeting or performance categories, as well as any changes to those consent preferences in real-time. With OneTrust’s consent configuration and archive, customers have access to the specific website banner and consent configuration settings that were shown to the user at the time they provided their consent.

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OneTrust’s cookie banners are on tens of thousands of websites, support 50 languages and garner billions of consent records. With over 6 years in production and backed by’s 6 million pre-categorized cookies and tracking technologies, OneTrust’s Cookie Consent and Website Scanning solution addresses key regulatory requirements and works in four steps:

  1. Scan your website for compliance: Automatically detect and categorize cookies and other tracking technologies on your website
  2. Create cookie consent banner: Tailor a cookie banner based on your consent approach (opt-out, opt-in, explicit, implied, notice only or a custom option) and company brand
  3. Enable a preference center: Allow visitors to granularly select which types of cookies and tracking to enable or disable
  4. Auto-generate cookie list: Generate the required detailed Cookie List as part of your full privacy policy

OneTrust’s technology is built based on deep privacy research and regulatory guidance to understand compliance reporting expectations, and this new feature will provide our customers with granular records of consent and audit trails available within the OneTrust platform.

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The OneTrust Cookie Consent and Website Scanning and new Records of Consent feature integrates seamlessly into OneTrust’s comprehensive privacy management technology platform, making it even easier to manage visitor consent and preferences.

To learn more, read our press release and visit our webpage.

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