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OneTrust Launches CNIL Cookie Consent Fast Track Program

OneTrust is providing same-day support to help organisations comply with the CNIL’s latest recommendations regarding cookies management

October 02, 2020

OneTrust today launched the CNIL Cookie Consent Fast Track Program, providing organisations with the support they need to get their cookie banners compliant before the CNIL updated enforcement action begins in April 2021. These fast track resources will help organisations get same-day support and guidance to implement a cookie compliance solution according to CNIL guidelines. 

Fast track your CNIL cookie consent compliance today with OneTrust

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Today, October 1, the CNIL published its latest recommendations on the use of cookies and associated tracking technologies. These recommendations are the finalised version of those released early this year. While the CNIL now continues its enforcement of the previous cookie recommendations, starting April 2021, it will begin enforcing against non-compliant organisations under its new, revised guidance. 

The CNIL highlighted the following principles and recommendations: 

  • Continued browsing with the cookie banner can no longer be considered as a valid form of user’s consent and consent validity requires a clear positive action  
  • “Reject All” button is recommended to be on the cookie banner’s first layer 
  • Each cookie purpose must be highlighted prominently on the first layer of the cookie banner  
  • Users should always have easy access to manage their cookie preferences and withdraw their consent at any time, and companies could implement this through a static cookie icon as a best practice 
  • Users should have access to an up-to-date and structured list of third parties 
  • Organisations that drop the cookie are also responsible for collecting a valid proof of consent – even towards third parties 
  • Some trackers can be exempt from consent, including authentication cookies, audience measurement cookies, or cookies used to limit the access to free content on a website

OneTrust CNIL Cookie Consent Fast Track Program

With OneTrust’s CNIL Cookie Consent Fast Track Program, organisations can fast track their compliance with the CNIL’s recommendations regarding cookies management. With the end of March deadline before enforcement action quickly approaching, OneTrust’s program will allow organisations to create, customise, and publish they cookie banners to ensure that cookies and trackers are not placed until valid consent has been acquired. With the first domain free, OneTrust’s CNIL Cookie Consent Fast Track Program provides all the tools you need to get started. 

With OneTrust’s CNIL Cookie Consent Fast Track Program, customers will get access to:

  • First domain for free  
  • Step-by-step implementation guides and a range of resources detailing CNIL best practices 
  • Pre-configured cookie banner and preference centre templates 
  • OneTrust Autoblocking™ and third-party tag management systems integrations  
  • 24/7 support with both implementation and ongoing maintenance to keep your compliance on the fast track

OneTrust solutions also support the new CNIL requirements for mobile app compliance.

Fast track your CNIL cookie consent compliance today with OneTrust

Sign up for a webinar for more information on how to fast track your compliance

“In April 2021 the CNIL will being enforcing these latest guidelines on the use of cookies and tracking technologies. As part of our commitment to the French market we want to support our customers in getting compliant with the CNIL’s latest recommendations regarding cookies management,” said Kabir Barday, OneTrust CEO and Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP). “OneTrust have launched the CNIL Cookie Consent Fast Track Program to get organisations the support and tools they need to achieve compliance quickly.”

Fast track your CNIL cookie consent compliance today with OneTrust. For information sign up for a webinar, or to request a demo, visit or

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