OneTrust, a global leader in marketing compliance and enterprise privacy management software, today announced updates to the OneTrust Cookie Consent and Website Scanning solution to help organisations with consent compliance in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) obligations. OneTrust’s Cookie Consent and Website Scanning solution is used on thousands of web and mobile sites, garnering billions of impressions across 35+ languages and is the most powerful and flexible solution for EU cookie compliance.

OneTrust has conducted extensive research on the GDPR, ePrivacy Directive and the upcoming ePrivacy Regulation and collaborated with various EU regulators to understand the expectations required of organisations to demonstrate compliance. These obligations require companies to inform visitors about their website’s data collection and tracking policies to provide users transparency, control and choice.

The OneTrust Cookie Consent and Website Scanning solution is built on this research and provides organisations a simple website plugin to comply with these rules. The OneTrust technology automatically scans a website to identify all trackers and  allows you to generate a tailorable cookie consent banner, cookie preference centre and detailed cookie disclosure for the organisation. To prepare for the GDPR, OneTrust has collaborated with industry experts and regulators over the past year to roll out a series of updates to the Cookie Consent technology.

Expanded Website Scanning and Automation
Privacy regulations require transparency regarding cookie and non-cookie based tracking. The OneTrust Cookie Consent and Website Scanning technology identifies all available web and mobile tracking technologies, such as cookies, tags, beacons, tracking pixels, HTML 5 and local objects. OneTrust then automatically categorises these tracking technologies against OneTrust’s Cookiepedia, the largest database of cookies and associated vendors in the world with nearly 6 million unique cookies. OneTrust can now also scan behind login pages and age verification pages to automatically log and detect additional trackers.

New User Interface Options
Depending on an organisations’ implementation of the GDPR, OneTrust provides flexibility and choice regarding consent type, such as opt-in or implied consent. Based on A/B testing, OneTrust developed new “overlay” user interfaces (UI) to help organisations maximise the number of users consenting to cookies by providing a consent UI that is relevant to that user’s region and provides the appropriate disclosures. OneTrust’s UI also honours the user’s pre-selected preferences such as “Do Not Track.”

The updated consent UIs can be integrated onto a website with a single JavaScript implementation, and can easily be customised to fit with the organisation’s website and branding. The UI can also auto-detect the local language and display the appropriate wording to the end user with no additional scripting or coding needed. Additionally, a single preference centre can be implemented across multiple domains, meaning users won’t be asked to update their cookie preferences across multiple web and mobile properties owned by the same organisation.

These new user interface options fully support the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework. OneTrust is the first privacy management technology to adopt this framework to make it easier for publishers and ad tech vendors to deliver personalised ads in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Granular Compliance Reporting
To allow organisations to demonstrate compliance to GDPR and EU Cookie laws, OneTrust has enhanced the solution with additional record keeping reports including records of consent, audit history reports, and additional summary dashboards.

“Organisations and marketing teams are challenged to create cookie disclosures and notifications that balances obtaining valid consent while still delivering a great user experience,” said Blake Brannon, Vice President of Products, OneTrust. “We’ve continued to invest significantly in the OneTrust Cookie Consent and Website Scanning technology to simplify this challenge for organisations. We’ve supported thousands of organisation’s consent programmes with our highly customizable and easy to deploy solution. Our deep privacy research makes sure the right content and settings are built in to the tool by default. We continue to work closely with the industry and regulators to make sure our solution continues to be the most powerful, integrated and flexible for today’s privacy requirements, and the privacy requirements of the future.”

OneTrust and IAPP Updated Free Tool for Cookie Consent
OneTrust has partnered with the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), the world’s largest privacy association, to offer organisations free access to OneTrust Cookie Consent and Website Scanning solution. This free offering from the IAPP and OneTrust has also been upgraded to allow organisations to use the latest GDPR based capabilities at no cost.


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About OneTrust

OneTrust’s marketing compliance and privacy management software is used by more than 1,500 organisations to comply with data privacy regulations across sectors and jurisdictions, including the EU GDPR and ePrivacy (Cookie Law).

The multi-lingual software is deployed in an EU cloud or on-premise, and is based on a combination of intelligent scanning, regulator guidance-based questionnaires, and automated workflows used together to automatically generate the record keeping required for an organisation to demonstrate compliance to regulators and auditors.

OneTrust helps organisations implement GDPR requirements, including: Data Protection by Design (PbD), Data Protection Impact Assessments (PIA / DPIA), Vendor Risk Management, Incident and Breach Management, Records of Processing (Data Mapping), Universal Consent and Preference Management, ePrivacy Cookie Consent, Data Subject Access, Portability, and Right to Be Forgotten.