Smart Tools to Extend the Power of Your OneTrust Platform

Extensive Regulatory Research

OneTrust Athena is linked to OneTrust DataGuidance, the world’s most in-depth source of regulatory and compliance research.

Consistent Learning

Athena gets smarter as she knows more about your business, automatically discovering data as well as learning from data your team puts into the OneTrust platform.

Task Automation

Athena can learn your processes and workflows and automate them, leaving you and your team time to focus on more critical tasks.

Artificial Intelligence to Automate and Streamline Your Processes

Intelligently Flag Data Breaches

Our AI tool constantly monitors the DataGuidance breach and enforcement tracker, an indexed list of all breaches and enforcements across the globe. Athena is also plugged into your own inventory of third parties and vendors. If a breach is reported, she automatically creates incident records, flags risk, notifies your team, and sends investigative assessments.

Automate DPIAs for High Risk Processing Activities

Through OneTrust DataGuidance intelligence, our AI tool knows all the whitelists, blacklists, and guidance on DPIAs. Since Athena is also plugged into OneTrust Data Mapping Automation, she also knows all about your processing activities. You can automate data discovery and classification to know what data is in what systems and how it links to processing activities and vendors.

Interpret Vulnerability Updates

Athena can link into and constantly monitor your various cyber tools, including vulnerability management solutions. When a new vulnerability is found or a severity score is updated, Athena automatically updates your vulnerability library in OneTrust. Our AI tool can also update any asset that has that vulnerability, and calculate if the change is severe enough to notify key stakeholders based on a threshold you define.

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