Athena Is Intelligent

Athena already knows a lot. She’s linked to OneTrust DataGuidance™, the world’s most in-depth source of regulatory and compliance research

Athena Learns Quickly

Athena gets smarter as she knows more about your business. She learns from data that she automatically discovers, as well as information your teams put into OneTrust

Athena Automates Tasks

Athena never stops working. Just tell Athena about your processes and workflows and she’ll automate them, leaving you and your team time to focus on more critical tasks

Integrated Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Automation to Power the OneTrust Platform

Learn how OneTrust Athena™ Makes Every Part of Your Privacy, Security & Governance Programs Smarter

Click the tiles below to learn exactly how Athena helps across the OneTrust platform

OneTrust Privacy


Protect your personal data with Athena for OneTrust Privacy

OneTrust Vendorpedia


Understand your third parties with Athena for Vendorpedia​

OneTrust PreferenceChoice


Know your customers with Athena for PreferenceChoice

OneTrust GRC


Simplify risk and compliance with Athena for OneTrust GRC

Athena for OneTrust Privacy

Use Athena’s DataGuidance powered intelligence to streamline your data protection processes

Automate Privacy Rights Requests

  • Tell Athena the manual tasks involved in fulfilling a request using the drag-and-drop automation builder
  • When requests are submitted, Athena routes them through these pre-defined workflows – no human interaction required
  • Athena can verify the identity, flag exceptions, access or action the requestor’s data in other systems, and suggest responses to send to the individual

Intelligently Flag Data Breaches

  • Athena is constantly monitoring the DataGuidance breach and enforcement tracker, an indexed list of all breaches and enforcements across the globe
  • Athena also knows all your vendors and third-parties, because she’s plugged into your OneTrust vendor inventory
  • When a breach is reported by one of your vendors, or even a similar vendor, Athena can create incident records, flag risk, notify your team, and send investigative assessments automatically

Automate DPIAs for High Risk Processing Activities

  • Through OneTrust DataGuidance intelligence, Athena knows all the whitelists, blacklists, and guidance on DPIAs
  • Athena is plugged into OneTrust Data Mapping, so she knows all about your Processing Activities
  • Athena can also automate data discovery & classification through OneTrust DataDiscovery to know what data is in what systems and how it links to Processing Activities and Vendors

Suggest Program Improvements

  • Tell Athena which countries you operate in and which standards and frameworks you use, plus she can learn this over time through your data inventories
  • DataGuidance has mapped the requirements of hundreds of regulations, standards and frameworks together into a machine-readable format for Athena to reference and de-duplicate
  • Based on her knowledge of your program through how you use OneTrust, or what you directly input through the Maturity & Planning interface, Athena suggests the initiatives you should prioritize to advance your program’s maturity

Athena for Vendorpedia

Enhance your third-party risk program with AI & automation to understand which third parties are safe to do business with

Intelligently Monitor Security Ratings

  • Integrate Athena with third party monitoring tools simply with pre-built plug-ins
  • When a vendor rating changes, Athena will automatically update your vendor inventory with the new rating.
  • ​Athena can also take additional action, like checking the new rating against a defined threshold and flagging a risk or sending an investigative assessment to the new score is too low

Automatically Initiate Vendor Renewal or Offboarding

  • Athena is constantly monitoring your vendor inventory, so she knows all your vendors and associated contract terms
  • ​Tell Athena how close to contract expiration you want to initiate these processes, and Athena will automatically notify your team or send the vendor an assessment when that time comes
  • This process may differ based on vendor type, risk level, or many other combinations of vendor details – no problem! Athena is smart enough to handle all kinds of business requirements

Athena for PreferenceChoice

Maintain compliance while optimizing opt-ins and and customer relationships

Suggest Optimal Geo-Location Configuration

  • OneTrust DataGuidance maps all ePrivacy requirements across the globe and monitors regulatory guidance and rulings, so Athena is constantly up-to-date with this information
  • Athena is also integrated across your OneTrust instance, so from your records of processing, assets, and vendors she knows all the places that you do business and have customers
  • Based on this knowledge, when you add a new website Athena suggests optimal geo-location rules to deploy to ensure you remain compliant while optimizing opt-ins across your web properties

Keep Collection Points Up to Date

  • Organizations often struggle to keep track of all the places where they directly collect personal information across their web properties through web forms and other collection points
  • OneTrust’s website scanning solution automatically scans all of your websites and detects all forms where personal information is being collected and the type of information collected on each
  • From these scan results, Athena suggests consent collection points that need to be created or updated in the OneTrust Universal Consent module along with the associated details like what data elements are collected, where the form is hosted, which policy is used, and more.

Athena for OneTrust GRC

Leverage Athena’s intelligence to enhance your risk program

Suggest Mitigating Controls

  • Athena is linked to OneTrust DataGuidance, which has same day support for updates to regulations and compliance standards and frameworks
  • Athena is also connected to the OneTrust IT & Security Risk Management module and knows the historical trends of your program’s risk, control, threat, and vulnerability data
  • Based on this knowledge, when a new risk is flagged Athena can suggest recommended controls and compensating controls best suited to your program and that particular mitigation

Interpret Vulnerability Updates

  • Athena can link into and constantly monitor your various cyber tools, including vulnerability management solutions
  • When a new vulnerability is found or a severity score is updated, Athena automatically updates your vulnerability library in OneTrust
  • Athena can also update any Asset that has that vulnerability, and calculate if the change is severe enough to notify key stakeholders based on a threshold you define
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