Accelerate your cookie banner implementation with OneTrust’s CMP wizard

Utilize OneTrust’s CMP Wizard for simplified set up, allowing cookie banner and preference centers to be configured and assigned to a domain in just a few clicks.

December 6, 2021


For many businesses around the world, adding a cookie banner, or consent management platform (CMP), to a brand’s website is essential to follow regulatory guidelines. Understanding cookie compliance among the myriad of regulations and guidance that exist globally can be a headache by itself. Couple that with the need to deploy a clear and transparent cookie banner that doesn’t negatively impact the user experience or website performance can quickly become a big challenge.  

OneTrust offers the most simple and easy-to-use cookie banner solution that enables businesses to manage and automate cookie compliance. Through the OneTrust CMP Wizard, businesses can use a guided step-by-step interface to scan their website for cookies and trackers and configure a branded banner that delivers to audiences based on geolocation.  

  • Scan Website: Audit your website to detect all first-and third-party cookies, tags, trackers, pixels, beacons and more.    
  • Select Audience: Use an existing set of geolocation rules and their assigned templates, or create a new set by choosing the languages of your CMP and the regulations and frameworks that your CMP must comply with. 
  • Choose Banner Layout: Leverage a professionally designed library of pre-built templates to customize your CMP.   
  • Choose Preference Center Layout: Choose a styled template to use for your preference center and brand it with customized colors.   
  • Review and Deploy: Glance over a final summary of your CMP, then copy and paste the code to add it to your website.    


Build Trust and Meet Regulatory Requirements with Your CMP

Despite a complex web of regulations to navigate, cookie compliance remains firmly in the focus of many data protection authorities. Notably, the Italian Garante has released updated cookie guidelines that will be enforced at the beginning of 2022. Additionally, the Danish DBA issued enforcement actions for unlawful cookie practices, and the CNIL have adopted their final recommendations and amended guidelines on cookies and other trackers.    

The increased focus from DPAs means that there is also a growing awareness from end-users regarding the rights afforded to them under such laws as the GDPR or CCPA. Cookie compliance, therefore, becomes a key factor in maintaining customer trust as well as avoiding reputational damage or even monetary penalties.  

With regularly changing guidelines, it is critical to quickly get a new domain’s CMP up and running in record time. Utilize the Wizard for simplified set up, allowing banner and preference centers to be configured and assigned to a domain in just a few clicks.   

OneTrust Consent Management Platform

OneTrust’s CMP provides a comprehensive solution for managing consent on web, mobile, OTT and CTV applications. Through OneTrust’s CMP, companies can collect, manage and maximize consent opt-ins, while automating global compliance with CCPA, GDPR, ePrivacy, IAB Europe TCF v2.0, DAA AdChoices and hundreds of other laws and frameworks.   

Businesses can build trust with customers using the most powerful and dependable consent solution in the market. With reliable support and technology such as a 100% availability SLA, automated change management for optimal performance, and global CDN and asynchronous script deployment, companies can maximize the performance of their CMP using OneTrust. Additionally, use server-side rendering to minimize payloads and accelerate page loads.  

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