OneTrust, the leading enterprise privacy management software solution used by over 1,000 organizations to comply with global privacy regulations including the EU GDPR, together with IAPP, the world’s largest association of privacy professionals, announces the launch of a free Cookie Compliance tool for IAPP members.

The IAPP-OneTrust Cookie Compliance tool helps organizations assess compliance with EU cookie laws, as outlined in the ePrivacy directive, and proposed new ePrivacy regulation, by enabling privacy professionals to:

-Scan a website and all sub-pages for cookies, tags, forms, and policies
-View results of the website scan in a centralized dashboard
-Customize a cookie banner and preview what it will look like on the website
-Generate a dynamic cookie policy based on the latest results of the website scan
-Enable visitors to control cookie settings via a customizable preferences center

“With the notice and consent obligations in the oncoming General Data Protection Regulation, as well as the ePrivacy regulation currently being developed in the EU, the stakes are higher for organizations that want to make sure they’re accurately communicating to visitors how their websites perform and provide those visitors with choices for managing their cookie preferences,” said IAPP President and CEO J. Trevor Hughes, CIPP. “They need new and more automated tools to help them identify gaps and create organizational awareness.”

The Cookie Compliance tool is integrated into the comprehensive IAPP-OneTrust platform already offered to IAPP members at no cost. By registering for the new Cookie Compliance tool, IAPP members get access to the full suite of IAPP and OneTrust products, including:

1. Comprehensive PIA Platform (launched September 2016)
2. EU Data Transfer Kit for GDPR, BCR, and Privacy Shield Readiness (launched November 2016)
3. Website Scanning and Cookie Compliance (launched March 2017)

“The new website scanning and cookie compliance tool powered by OneTrust was one of the first ever solutions available on the market to address the ePrivacy directive when it came into effect,” said OneTrust Product Manager Richard Beaumont, CIPM. “The underlying technology of the solution is currently used across thousands of websites with millions of impressions. OneTrust is pleased to make this proven technology available to IAPP members facing increased fines of 4% global turnover and aggressive implementation timelines outlined in the newly drafted ePrivacy regulation.”

OneTrust recently hosted a webinar and published a detailed white paper about the future of EU cookie compliance. Click to watch the webinar recording and download the white paper.

“The OneTrust Cookie Compliance tool has been developed to meet the growing digital privacy needs of IAPP members worldwide,” said OneTrust CEO Kabir Barday, CIPM, CIPP/US, CIPT. “OneTrust offers more software-based solutions to IAPP members than any other provider. Our collaboration with the IAPP and commitment to ongoing innovation continues to make OneTrust the leading, fastest growing, and most comprehensive privacy management software platform on the market.”

IAPP members also have access to OneTrust’s globally available support team as well as training webinars, jointly hosted by IAPP and OneTrust.

About OneTrust
OneTrust is the leading and fastest growing privacy management software platform used by over 1,000 organizations globally to comply with data privacy regulations across sectors and jurisdictions, including the EU GDPR and Privacy Shield. Our comprehensive, integrated, technology-based solutions include readiness and privacy impact assessments, data inventory and mapping, automated identity and data discovery, website scanning and cookie consent management, subject rights and consent management, incident reporting, and vendor risk management. OneTrust is based in Atlanta, GA and London, UK, and is backed by the founders of Manhattan Associates (NASDAQ: MANH) and AirWatch ($1.54B acq by VMWare). Find us online at

About the IAPP
The International Association of Privacy Professionals is the world’s largest association of privacy professionals with more than 25,000 members across 83 countries. The IAPP is a not-for-profit association that helps to define and support the privacy profession globally. More information about the IAPP is available at