OneTrust, the market-defining leader for trust intelligence, has been named a finalist in the Ragan’s PR Daily Awards for its trust intelligence category launch campaign: OneTrust Launches the World’s First Trust Intelligence Platform. The nominated campaign took place in May 2022 during OneTrust’s annual TrustWeek event, as the company gathered with customers and partners in person and virtually to unveil the Trust Intelligence Platform.

Creating a New Category with Trust Intelligence

Regulatory, societal, and technological pressures are placing trust at the forefront of organizational priorities. In our digital world, trust determines which businesses people purchase from, which vendors companies partner with, and which organizations people work for and invest in. To help companies build trust and demonstrate impact, OneTrust created the Trust Intelligence Platform.

OneTrust’s Trust Intelligence Platform is a first-of-its-kind, AI-powered, cloud-based technology supporting centralized workflow automation, issue, process, and policy management, analytics and reporting, and requirements and risk mitigation across four distinct trust clouds: the Privacy and Data Governance Cloud, the GRC and Security Assurance Cloud, the Ethics and Compliance Cloud, and the ESG and Sustainability Cloud. With the launch of the Trust Intelligence Platform, OneTrust established a new software category called trust intelligence, referring to the data, visibility, and processes enabled by the platform that help organizations understand how trusted they are within privacy, GRC, ethics, and ESG domains.

“It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to create a new software category and then announce it to the world,” said Lisa Campbell, Chief Marketing Officer at OneTrust. “We’re incredibly proud to be a finalist in Ragan’s PR Daily Awards, and this recognition is a testament to the thoughtful and impactful work of so many team members. The launch of trust intelligence was an exciting company milestone, thanks to our think-big approach.”

OneTrust’s 360-degree Communications and Marketing Approach

To drive awareness around the platform and category launch, OneTrust coordinated a 360-degree Communications and Marketing strategy culminating at TrustWeek 2022. Beginning months before the event, the campaign incorporated elements from content marketing, events marketing, partner marketing, corporate communications, customer advocacy, and social media to drive a cohesive experience for attendees in person and virtually. Resonating with numerous audiences, the campaign impact was positive across social media engagement, media coverage and share of voice, SEO strategy, and more.

All finalists will be recognized and category winners will be announced at Ragan’s PR Daily Awards Dinner on Wednesday, November 2, in New York City.