How successful security teams manage risk to build trust and drive growth

There is a saying: ‘You are what you measure’. Whilst this is ultimately true, if the line of business doesn’t understand and isn’t engaged, then all the desired metrics in the world become lagging administrative tasks seemingly lost in the depths! How many times have we explained the process of risk and control assessments to the actual owners?  Do we understand how the business is measured and what language they use?

The emergence of trust initiatives is becoming an increasingly important agenda item for executives and boards. Consequently, departments are being measured against their contribution to becoming more trusted. Furthermore, we are even seeing companies naming chief trust officers, creating formalised trust initiatives, and measuring trust as a metric for themselves and their business partners.

In this webinar, OneTrust’s Global GRC Offering Lead, Scott Bridgen, discusses the emergence of trust and what it means for security teams.

Key takeaways: ​

  • Explore the definition of trust and what it means to be a trusted organisation
  • Discuss the evolution of your audience and why the language you use is critical for adoption
  • Understand 2 practical exercises that can help you understand attitudes towards security risk from the top-down and bottom-up
  • Have a look at some questions you can put to the business to get you started

On-demand webinar coming soon...

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