Elevating your third party risk program with an integrated infosec platform

Risk today is fluid and interconnected, which means that evaluation and mitigation have an impact across risk domains. Businesses need a way to make data collection and coordination as seamless as possible and this is one of the main reasons why a good collaboration between IT and third-party teams has become key to mitigate risk exposure. 


Sharing communication channels for better visibility and common methodologies can help alleviate manual roadblocks in sharing data, informing, appropriately remediating risk, and leveraging automating to streamline execution.


Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to: 

  • Enhance the visibility of your Third-party risk program and reduce manual data management
  • Prioritise engagements with your most critical vendors based on IT risk indicators
  • Report and reinforce third-party risk in context of a broader information security program


Like what you see? Register for the second webinar of the series: Building Third-Party Security Management: Integrating Essentials for IT, Security & Third-Party Risk Management.

Featured speaker

Valentina Raineri

GRC Specialist - Senior Solutons Engineer, OneTrust

On-demand webinar coming soon...

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