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OneTrust Adds Detailed Records of User Consent to Cookie Consent Solution

June 28, 2018

OneTrust, the global leader in privacy management and marketing compliance software, today announced that customers can now maintain a detailed record of a website visitor’s cookie preferences within the OneTrust Cookie Consent and Website Scanning module. The new records of consent archive can demonstrate to regulators real-time reports of a visitor’s confirmation or withdrawal of consent to various tracking technologies.

Watch the video: OneTrust Records of Consent for Cookie Consent and Website Scanning

Tens of thousands of websites use OneTrust for cookie banners and preference centres, garnering billions of consent records. OneTrust scans websites for cookies and other tracking technologies and automatically categorises them based on OneTrust’s exclusive database of nearly 6 million trackers. With 50 supported languages, OneTrust can dynamically deliver various consent models across different regions, including opt-out, opt-in, explicit, implied, notice only or a custom option.

To demonstrate compliance with privacy regulations such as the GDPR and ePrivacy, the new records of consent feature maintains a detailed archive of a website visitors’ cookie consent preferences with masked user identification details. Customers can show regulators a record of the user’s consent to specific cookie categories, such as performance or targeting cookies, as well as any changes made to those consent preferences in real-time. Since tracking technologies on a website can change overtime, OneTrust also maintains a consent configuration and archive so customers can demonstrate exactly what website banner and consent configuration settings were shown to the user at the time they provided their consent.

“We continue to rapidly innovate our technology to meet the needs of both our customers and the ongoing evolving expectations of regulators,” said Blake Brannon, VP of Products, OneTrust. “Through this research, we realised the opportunity to add in detailed records of consent into the OneTrust Cookie Consent and Website Scanning solution. This new feature provides both our customers and regulators the information they need to demonstrate consent in compliance with GDPR and ePrivacy.”


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About OneTrust

OneTrust is the global leader in privacy management and marketing compliance software. More than 1,500 customers, including 200 of the Global 2,000, use OneTrust to comply with data privacy regulations across sectors and jurisdictions, including the EU GDPR and ePrivacy (Cookie Law). An additional 7,000 organizations use OneTrust’s technology through a partnership with the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), the world’s largest global information privacy community.

The software, available in 50+ languages, is backed by over 16 awarded patents and can be deployed in an EU cloud or on-premise. The comprehensive platform is based on a combination of intelligent scanning, regulator guidance-based questionnaires, automated workflows and developer plugins used together to automatically generate the record keeping required for an organisation to demonstrate compliance to regulators and auditors. The platform is enriched with content from hundreds of templates based on the world-class privacy research conducted by our 100+ in-house certified privacy professionals.

OneTrust helps organisations implement GDPR requirements, including Data Protection by Design (PbD), Data Protection Impact Assessments (PIA/DPIA), Vendor Risk Management, Incident and Breach Management, Records of Processing (Data Mapping), Universal Consent and Preference Management, ePrivacy Cookie Consent, Data Subject Access Rights, Portability and Right to Be Forgotten.

PrivacyConnect, OneTrust’s global user community, hosts in-person workshops in over 40 international cities, and is attended by thousands of privacy professionals to share best practices.

OneTrust is co-headquartered in Atlanta, GA and in London, UK, with additional offices in Munich, Bangalore and Hong Kong. The fast-growing team of privacy and technology experts surpasses 400 employees worldwide.

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