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On-demand webinar coming soon...

On-demand webinar coming soon...

Solving the US privacy puzzle


On-demand webinar coming soon...

A simpler solution to compliance

The US privacy landscape is a puzzle. CCPA, CPRA, UCPA, CPA... We're here to reduce the complexity. Stay compliant across regulations and build customer trust with the OneTrust Privacy and Data Governance Cloud.

Download our US privacy resource kit to access everything you need to get a handle on regulatory requirements or speak with one of our experts to find a solution.

Privacy Management

US privacy in 2023: Top 3 compliance priorities

Businesses at different stages of privacy maturity will need to approach US privacy compliance in different ways. Download the infographic to learn more.

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Privacy & Data Governance

The ultimate guide to US privacy

Learn more about the three priorities for managing US privacy requirements, including addressing the most visible aspects of US privacy compliance.

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Privacy & Data Governance

What to include in your US privacy notice

Privacy notices are ubiquitous, however their required contents varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Read this blog to learn what you need to include.

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How OneTrust helps

Opt-outs (and in Virginia, opt-ins!) are now required in new US State privacy laws, and specifically called out in these requirements is the sale or share of data for targeted and behavioral advertising. 


We help teams:

  • Empower customers with choice and control over their data  
  • Honor the GPC signal   
  • Enable consumers to opt-out of third-party tracking technologies  

Privacy risk or data protection assessments (commonly known as PIAs) are now required under certain criteria for the processing of personal data in new state privacy laws across California, Virginia, Colorado, and Connecticut. 


We help teams:

  • Embed privacy impact assessments into existing business systems to capture context from stakeholders at the right  

  • Conduct threshold assessments to determine high risk processing and trigger DPAs when relevant 

  • Demonstrate compliance with real-time regulatory intelligence, insights, and analytics 

With the CPRA in effect, consumer rights have been extended to employees. Employee rights fulfillment poses unique challenges for organizations as employee data can be found across email, documents, and other unstructured data types.  


We help teams:

  • Understand where employee data exists across structured and unstructured formats 

  • Create employee privacy policies that reflect current processes  

  • Automate employee rights requests 

  • Orchestrate retention policies for employee and applicant data  

The definitions of sensitive personal data and requirements for effectively governing personal and it vary across the various state privacy laws.  


We help teams:

  • Identify processes involving sensitive personal information and categorize personal and sensitive personal data across the entire data landscape 

  • Flag data policy violations and orchestrate remediation actions including access, masking, and deletion 

  • Deliver dynamic web experiences that enable consumers to opt-in or opt-out of processing of their sensitive personal information  

Existing and upcoming US privacy laws include requirements around the foundational privacy principles of minimization, purpose-limitation, and retention of personal data.  


We help teams:

  • Research and define retention policies and apply those policies against your data assets 

  • Discover retention policy violations and orchestrate remediation actions in source systems 

  • Disclose retention periods within privacy notices at time of collection

Customer spotlight

Our obligations to our customers are our main priority and with OneTrust we not only demonstrate our commitment to their data protection and privacy, but confidently improve our privacy practices to support compliance for current and future regulations.
Mike Dronefield, CISO, Provident Financial

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