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Privacy Notice Management

Draft and manage your policies and notices in one centralized dashboard

Simplify how you manage your policy and notice lifecycle across regulations, regions, languages, and digital platforms.

  • Scan your websites and apps to identify policies that need to be maintained
  • Centrally manage policies across digital assets and eliminate the need for custom development
  • Utilize our integrations to push polices and notices live across relevant touchpoints

Scan results that show the amount of policies and how many of them are found behind logins.

Streamline privacy notice management

Schedule automatic website and mobile app scans to locate and detect policies on your public-facing and user login sites. Build an inventory of current policies and where they are linked or detect pages that may be missing needed policy or notice links.

Results from a scan that show the polices found on a website, as well as details of their type and purpose.

Design, upload, and host policies and disclosures by using our templates and rich-text editors to customize the design to best fit your organization’s brand. Manage role-based access control on the individual or group level and create a single policy that scales across 100+ languages. You can even integrate Cookie Consent to auto-populate cookie lists into your cookie policy.

Built-in templates allow administrators to design their policies and disclosures with no development needed.

Publish your policies across your digital channels with minimal development work by using our unique scripts. Integrate your policies with your existing Content Management System (CMS) via plugins and deploy them across domains or apps via tag manager or mobile SDK.

Code view of a pre-built policy template.

Master policy version control with our collaboration tools. View a full audit log of changes and track policies on a regular basis for consistency across your websites and applications.

The version history of a website's cookie use policy. Administrators could review when the revisions were made and compare the changes.

August 21, 2024

Transforming your data privacy and AI strategy with OneTrust

Join us for a live demo where we will discuss the advanced capabilities of OneTrust solutions in data privacy enforcement, first-party data collection, and AI innovation.

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