Security & Privacy C-Level Panel: Best Practices for Building Your TPRM Program

Resource Third-Party Risk

Companies of all sizes know that proper cybersecurity and data privacy are non-negotiable to keep their company’s reputation safe. And not only are they tasked with securing their own physical and digital assets, but they also must have measures in place to hold their third parties to the same standards.  


While the two risk domains (privacy and security) may have plenty of differences, when it comes to personnel skill sets, processes, and compliance requirements, there’s still plenty of overlap — especially when it comes to reducing third-party risk. 


In this webinar, we discuss best practices for how privacy and security teams can work better together to eliminate redundant work, save time, and be more efficient by: 


  • Developing clear roles and responsibilities when managing the third-party lifecycle 
  • Understanding how to work in parallel and align workflow processes 
  • Improving communication and accountability when assessing third parties 
  • Sharing relevant data that reduces redundant work and increases efficiencies 
  • Automating key tasks to ensure the right people are involved at the right times 


The speaker Alexis Kateifides 's profile image
Alexis Kateifides

Centre of Excellence Program Director



The speaker Fabrizio Venturelli's profile image
Fabrizio Venturelli




The speaker John Fiedler 's profile image
John Fiedler

CISO and Platform Engineering



The speaker Rigo Van den Broeck's profile image
Rigo Van den Broeck

Executive Vice President, Cyber Security Product Innovation



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